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10 wireless earphone alternatives if you don’t want to use AirPods with your iPhone

ByKaelan RobinsonUpdated November 27, 2019

Are you an iPhone owner who isn’t really all that sold on Apple’s Airpods? There are actually quite a few really good wireless earphones out there that can fill that gap. Whether you’re the type of person that values noise cancellation, waterproof earphones or earphones with long battery-life, there’s something for everyone!

Apple Airpods

Since Apple’s Airpods were first released at the end of 2016, they’ve become a the de-facto choice for many iPhone owners. Airpods have developed in their product life-time thus far, with the latest version available for purchase with a case that charges them wirelessly.

You can see Airpods in just about every other person's ears these days, but what can one opt for if not too keen on Apple’s alternatives? Maybe Airpods don’t have the audio-quality one is after, or perhaps the price tag is a bit out of one’s price range? Here we’ve listed 10 great pairs of wireless earphones that are all compatible with iPhones.

10 wireless alternative that also work with iPhones

1. Urbanista Stockholm

These earphones are equipped with voice-control and also work with Siri. Urbanista Stockholm has an active-battery life of 14hrs and can be left in stand-by mode for 60hrs before requiring another charge.

2. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Wireless earphones for the active user that work well in just about any situation - they are sweat-proof and sit snuggly in the ear. The Jabra Elite Active 65t is equipped with active noise reduction and reliable auto-pairing with devices.

3. Sudio TOLV

These earphones connect wirelessly with Bluetooth and have a 7hr battery-life per charge. Its connection range is a whole 15 metres and of course contains a built-in microphone.

4. Bose SoundSport Free

For many, Bose is a notable name synonymous with good audio-quality and the SoundSport Free is no exception to the rule. These sweat-proof, wireless earphones connect seamlessly to your phone and has 5hrs of battery-life per charge.

5. Sudio Nivå

Wireless music tech meets Swedish design in these earphones that have a 20 metre connection range. Sudio Nivå is stylishly designed and can play your favourite tunes for up to 3.5hrs until it needs to be charged again.

6. jLab jBuds Air True

With these you can definitely connect to Siri and control your life from your ears without having to touch a single button or fiddle with any cords. The jLab jBuds Air True charges for up to 1.5hrs to give 4hrs of use.

7. JBL Free X

These are popular and worth their price-tag. Wireless, waterproof and with a connection range of 10 metres, the JBL Free X has a battery life of 4hrs and deep bass frequencies – for those who enjoy a quality listening experience.

8. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E8

Bang and Olufsens beloved wireless earphones are almost in the same price range as Apple’s Airpods, and for that price, they offer a stellar music listening experience. BeoPlay E8 has a 4hr charging time, deep bass frequencies and integrated controls for raising and lowering the volume without touching your phone.

9. Pioneer SE-C8TW

Pinoeer is well known for their home electronics and delivering with solid products, and its seems that also rings true for the SE-C8TW model, which is super smooth and easy to handle. With one press of a button you can begin talking on the phone or with Siri & Google Assistant.

10. Sony WF-1000X

Sony has created a pair of true-wireless earphones and have gotten rave reviews on their WF-1000X model, especially when it comes to the sound that they provide listeners with. The earphones automatically shut off when not in use, which is smart considering its 3hr battery-life with a 15 mins charging time.

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