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5 Effective Tips For Finding The Lowest Prices Online

ByPriceRunner Updated November 7, 2019

Regardless of whether one considers Black Friday a phenomenon or not, it seems this shopping event is here to stay. So why not take the opportunity to make all the necessary purchases you want when the prices are at their lowest? Here are 5 bits of advice for how you can shop smartly and find fantastic deals.

1. Plan Ahead

The worst purchase you can make is the one that you really don’t need, so try to consider beforehand what you really need. Perhaps it’s a new dishwasher because your current one is on its last legs? Or maybe it’s that Christmas gift for your child that you know you must get your hands on at some point or another? Spontaneity in purchases can be good sometimes but planning your purchases is something you’ll rarely come to regret, so make yourself a shopping list and stick to it.

Pro Tip: As a PriceRunner member, you can create your own personalised wish-lists.

2. Do Your Research

Knowing what one needs is the first step, but to know exactly what product one should select can be a bit trickier to figure out, especially when you consider everyone’s needs are unique to the individual. Regardless of whether it involves appliances, electronics or children’s products, it’s a good call to get a better idea for what others recommend to help guide your decision-making.

Pro Tip: PriceRunner has a wide variety of tests conducted by product experts on everything from phones, to kettles, lawnmowers and beyond.

3. Watch Historical Pricing Trends

PriceRunner Historical Pricing Graph With a discounted price and a small icon that shows you the percentage difference that has been subtracted from the original sum, it’s easy to imagine how everything gets noticeable price reductions during Black Friday. Sometimes, however, that can be far from the truth. Some stores, in a rather sneaky fashion, raise prices on some products in the week prior to Black Friday so that the sales prices do not fall far below what a given product would usually sell for. Therefore, you should always watch what the item you wish to buy usually costs, so that you truly know a good price when you see one.

Pro Tip: PriceRunner’s historical pricing graph tracks product prices for you, so you know exactly when to make your move.

4. Set a Price Alert

Maybe you have a long shopping list and it’s difficult to keep an eye on all of the items you want at once? Or perhaps you have things that you’d really like to buy but only when they reach a lower price? By making a price alert, you eliminate the need to constantly be on the lookout during Black Friday whilst still getting direct notification about which products have had price reductions during the sales period.

Pro Tip: With PriceRunners Price Alerts, you can choose to be notified as each price reduction is registered or only when the price falls under a specified amount of your choice.

5. Hold Your Horses!

The best deal is done by the one who is able to keep their cool when things get down to the wire. As a hypothetical example, this could mean holding off on buying at the first price reduction at the start of Black Week, to further re-evaluate on Black Friday and then finally make a purchase in good time on Cyber Monday. Unsure about following through with a purchase? If so, don’t panic or rush; one should avoid acting with uncertainty when potentially making a big purchase. There will always be other opportunities to find great deals – remember that Christmas sales pop up just 4 weeks after Black Friday.

Instead of seeing Black Friday as an occasion where one risks being sucked into a whirlwind of panic and impulse purchasing decisions, go with the flow of all the sales and wake up when the vortex of Black Friday madness has blown over as a winner. You’ll also come out of it all rather chuffed that you’ve saved on a purchase you were definitely going to make, which is a nice plus!

The Most Popular Products for Black Friday 2018

Looking for inspiration for potential purchases that you can find an amazing deal on during Black Friday? Check out the list below for a selection of Black Friday 2018’s best products. Many of the products listed were already a year-old last year and it’s often those products that get earmarked for the biggest sales deals. We probably won’t see the iPhone 11 falling drastically in its price on Black Friday, but perhaps this means it’ll be bargain time for the iPhone X?

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