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8 Gift Ideas For Interior Design Lovers

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Updated February 6, 2020

Do you have a family member or dear friend who loves interior design? Before birthdays and the Christmas holidays one can sometimes get really lucky with specific wish-lists, so your special someone will love what they receive. Sometimes, this calls for creativity to give the gift a truly personal touch. Here are 8 trending, Nordic Interior Design-inspired items for those who love to enhance the atmosphere of their home with amazing décor and small bits and bobs.

1. By On Cheetah Vase

For those who like to be on top of the latest trends, a vase in the form of an animal is very fitting. Whether it’s used to hold flowers or not, it doesn’t matter - it’s an amazing decoration all on its own.

2. Ernst Round Vase

If the receiver of this gift is someone who doesn’t place much value on having the trendiest products or they likewise don’t sweat the small details, the Ernst Round Vase is a great option. Never goes out of style and suits all homes.

3. Skultuna Kin 3-pack Candle Holder

Candleholders are the best gift before the darker months come into full swing. These beautiful candle accessories are what makes a house a home. These candleholders come in several colours, so it’s easy to choose your loved one’s favourite colour for their birthday gift.

4. Voluspa Prosecco Rose Scented Candles

Do you already know your friend’s colour and are looking for a more stylish kind of candle that matches their interior look? The Voluspa Prosecco Rose is a winning choice – and it even has a lovely scent to match!

5. Kosta Boda Snowball 6cm Candle Holder

Anyone who is a fan of Nordic interior design should have this in their household, seeing as it’s a true Swedish classic. This autumn get a candle holder that is truly special, not only because it’s a stellar piece of interior design but because it looks simply stunning when you place a lit candle in it.

6. Bloomingville Bubble Flowerpot

Nothing screams” house-warming gift” like a plant, right? Especially when it’s a plant that requires little maintenance or fuss. With this flowerpot from Bloomingville, your loved one will never forget the plant that you gave them and added a special something to their new home!

7. Iittala Mariskooli

Iittala Mariskooli is the top-tier bowl. This Finnish classic suits any home interior well and are very versatile. Use them to hold your stash of sweets, for your holiday nut assortment or even just as a decoration at the dining table – they’re suitable for just about anything!

8. Cooee Ball 8cm Vase

If you’re more of the frugal sort when it comes to gifts, the Cooee Ball is a great find. It makes all the difference to have a small vase with flowers sometimes. For a more seasonal twist during the Autumn months, you can even place vibrant autumn leaves in it and it looks awesome!

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