The best TVs for watching the Euro 2020 kickoff!

Benjamin E. Timmermann

Updated June 7, 2021

Soon we will have the Euro 2020 kickoff and we couldn't be more excited! And we don't want to miss even a second of the action, so make sure you have a TV that is up for the task.

What's different when watching sports?

Do you really need to take into consideration sports watching when buying a TV? The short answer is "Yes!" and here's why. When watching sports we're usually dealing with live footage, this means that there will be many sudden camera movements, slow motion recaps and close ups. So in hand the TV needs to be able to handle rapid camera movement and accurately capture dynamic motion so you with confidence can criticise the judge on their calls.

So what should you look for?

How does this translate to when you're online looking for a TV? What specs should you be focusing on and how do you navigate through and endless array of numbers and setting? Well here are some basics to keep in mind that will help optimise you sport viewing experience.

  • Size matters: Needless to say, the viewing experience will be better with a bigger screen. Does it need to be massive? No, just keep in mind that bigger TV's require better specs to not "dilute" the quality.
  • Motion capture: With rapid camera movements and dynamic images a higher refresh rate is important. Anywhere between 60Hz and 120Hz is great. You don't really need to go past 120Hz for to get great quality.
  • Let there be light: The technology with lights and TV have taken a giant leap in the past few years and we are now spoiled for choice with not only Ultra HD on the market but also OLED and QLED. But which is best for watching sports? All are great options, but OLED is ideal for high-motion video which we see much of in sports. We would therefore opt for the OLED.

Some great TVs to maximise your UEFA Euro 2020 viewing experience

Here are some great TVs that are great for watching sports that will assure that you don't miss a single drop of sweat and gives you an eagle eye's view of those pesky sidelines.


The image quality is top notch on this TV, where you also have the opportunity to choose different image settings - for example 'Sport'. The TV has high refresh rates, which means that it can handle the fast movements that can occur in sports broadcasts. Basically the quality will stay razor sharp even as the match begins to heat up, so you won't miss a second of the action.

2. Philips OLED 865

This TV also has top image quality. It has all the HDR standards and has a sea of ​​image adjustment options so you can get the best image for the football game. Philips also makes use of their 'Ambilight' technology, which gives a comfortable backlight and a more intense experience of the image on screen. At the same time, this TV has good sound, which is a plus when you are feeling patriotic.

3. Samsung Terrace

This is a more expensive TV, but a TV you can actually use outdoors. So if you're having a barbecue evening, you and your friends can stay out in the garden once the match has started - and you don't have to worry about the weather. On sunny days, the TV reduces the reflection and it can withstand up to 50 degrees of heat (and all the way down to -31, just incase you want to take it to Antarctica.) This is in other words the perfect TV for this summer's sporting events as it allows you to enjoy the smell of the barbecue, the evening sun and the football match all at the same time.

Don't forget the sound

Although many TVs nowadays have excellent sound, there is still room for improvement. Especially when you want the "I was there feeling" since many of us can't be in the stadiums a great soundbar can bring you and your friends closer to the real experience, so you can recreate the atmosphere in your living room.

With your new razor vision who do you think will take home the UEFA Euro 2020?




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