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Hello 2020! Time to decorate your kid's room with something new!

Updated January 8, 2020

The kids are getting a bit older and perhaps some more are on the way, so there's the occasional need for an update to the decoration of the kid's room. Why not welcome the new year with something new in your kid's room? Everything from a heavenly themes and beyond, to the top trending animal at the start of 2020 - the sloth!

3 different ways to create a heavenly atmosphere

1. Starry nights - create your very own star-filled sky.

The star is a timeless symbol that never gets old. It's versatile enough to suit all ages and along with other decorative items, the stars can come in different colours to suit your kid's favourite colour palette. It's extra awesome if you can mix in some stars that light up just like the real ones, to give the room that special energy and atmosphere.

2. Decorate in all the colours of the rainbow

The rainbow is a great theme for opening up the room to all colours. The rainbow can easily fit in as a symbol on pillows, mats or even as a wallpaper and you can also work with block colours that together create the feeling of being within a rainbow world.

3. Up, up and away with a hot-air balloon!

When a colourful hot air balloon pops up in the sky, it doesn't matter if you're 1 or 100 years old because this is something that fascinates and captures the imagination of people of all ages. For those who want to adopt a balloon theme, there are lots of cool lights and textiles that can help create the feeling of floating high in the sky.


4. 2020 is the year of the sloth!

All manufacturers now have added sloths into their collections for 2020, regardless of whether they make clothes, baby toys, stuffed animals or other kid's room accessories. The "sloth is hot" trend and sentiment became quite popular within the past year, so it only makes sense that now these slow-moving animals are out to take over the children's decor in the room!

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