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Frugal staycations made simple with Becky Goddard-Hill

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Updated August 10, 2020

Staycations are all the rage with travel restrictions limiting regular air travel abroad. Saving money is an art that Becky Goddard-Hill has mastered over the years and we've asked her about her thoughts on how to be frugal when it comes staycations.

Becky Goddard-Hill runs her own Family Budgeting blog, where you'll find deeply insightful guides and tips on how to save money and lead a frugal lifestyle for everything from parenting, shopping, travel, home renovations and so much more. Becky understands the value of saving your money for the things that matter to you, whether they be big or small. With interest in staycations in the UK seeing a major uptick this summer, we've asked her about some of her top tips in approaching saving money with staycations.

Becky's top tips for saving money on staycations

1. Plan ahead - treat it like a regular vacation

Make a plan and itinerary with potential activities for your staycation in advance. Not only will it help you avoid the trap of just sitting on the sofa for the duration of your staycation, but it will also help you gauge how much money you will spend (or not spend) on your staycation activities and allow you to budget accordingly.

Don’t just sit at home and think watching movies will entertain you - nope, you need to be trying a host of things getting out and about. - Becky Goddard-Hill

2. Make a budget and stick to it

It is totally possible to save money when doing a staycation. The trick is setting a budget you are happy with and finding ways to not spend needlessly. Becky strongly recommends exploring staycation activities that are either free or require little spending such as having picnics, going out for bike rides and visiting free attractions around your staycation area.

3. Take full advantage of staycation activities that are both fun and free

Regardless of whether you'll be staycationing with family or friends, the biggest area where you'll be able to save your money is on the activities you choose to pass the time. The great thing about staycationing is that you don't need to fork out loads of money to make things exciting and fun. Becky recommends the following activities to add some fun to your staycation that are simple and pose no extra cost to you!

  • Going on picnics
  • Visiting a wildlife or nature reserve
  • Camping in the garden
  • Going kite flying
  • Bike rides and excursions
  • Visiting free attractions and sightseeing points of interest

4. Think outside the box!

Get creative in planning your staycation and approach it like you would for normal vacations. Regardless of where you live or your budget, the only real limitation on the possibilities for your staycation is your imagination.

You don’t actually need anything at all to have a great staycation, just do your research and you will find so much to do in and around where you live. - Becky Goddard-Hill

Try to think of the activities and things you'd like to do that will give you the most satisfaction and make for an exciting and memorable staycation, without breaking the bank!

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