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More time for home relaxation - let technology take care of your home

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Updated April 1, 2020

Utilise tech to make your life easier on stressful days. Here we'll give you some insights into what you can do to have more time to focus on the things you enjoy most.

There are loads of things you can do to reduce everyday stress and free up your time to spend it with family or just to relax. A good place to start is by automating time-consuming tasks with the help of some smart technology.

Robot lawnmowers are a great example during the summer months, during which time you may already get a fair bit of relaxation time. So how do you free up time during the Spring with your new home-improvement projects and spring-cleaning soon to begin (if not already started).

Robot vacuum cleaners

With a good robot vacuum cleaner that is reliable and durable, you get a helping hand in removing dust and bits from the floor without having to lift a finger. Choose a robot vacuum cleaner that is well suited to your home. Think about the square metres of space it will easily be able to hoover, the number of rooms and floors in your home and having pets. These are some factors that contribute to the amount of dust and dirt on the floors and once you have a good idea of what your needs, you'll have an easy time selecting the right robot vacuum.

Example of a product:

  • Xiaomi Roborock S5 – A cost-efficient test-winner filled with loads of functions.

Smart Speakers

The smart assistants are here and they've developed and improved at an impressive pace. Ask them to put on music, read out recipes, switch your lights on and off or tell you the weather forecast in your area - all with simple voice control. You can also have them ring restaurants to order food or book a hair appointment for yourself.

Example of a product:

  • Google Home – works splendidly for a broad range of regions and accents .

Robot mop

Once your robot vacuum cleaner has gotten rid of dust, hair and other particles from the floor, it's time to send out the robot mop to take care off those spills and marks on the floor. With the right model, it doesn't matter so much what kind of flooring you have, because the robot mop will clean it effectively regardless. Additionally, you can programme them so that they work in tandem with your robot vacuum cleaner.

Example of a product:

iRobot Braava Jet M6 - takes care of micro-particles of dust that the robot vacuum has missed.

Home automation

Everything from alarm systems that lock your door for you with the help of facial-recognition tech to heaters that can be started remotely make life easier and a bit more fun. There are loads of sensors and other smart gadgets that allow you to connect to your home and allow you to monitor and secure your home with controls from your phone. Going abroad for a holiday or on an excursion? No problem, just switch the things you want to run while you're gone on, so that everything is just how you want it when you come home - no hassle or stress. The only limit to this is your imagination.

Examples of produkter:

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