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This summer’s best dessert – with an ice cream maker!

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Updated May 28, 2020

As soon as the sun shines, we all start to feel that urge for ice cream. Cool, smooth and creamy... What could be nicer for a dessert or a special treat on a hot day? But the problem with shop bought ice cream is that it can contain all sorts of ingredients you wouldn’t necessarily want to eat. It may also be a lot sweeter than you like, or simply not be easy to find in the flavours you prefer. So if you’re a real ice cream connoisseur, you really should have a go at making your own ice cream!

How to succeed with your own home-made ice cream

Making your own ice cream needn’t be difficult or complicated. There are a wide range of ice cream makers, and with a good model you just have to think about which flavour you fancy today.

The ice cream enthusiast’s top tips

What to think about when you choose an ice cream maker to make your own ice cream.

Do you want an ice cream maker with or without a built-in compressor?

Ice cream makers are available in all price classes, and there’s a reason why the costs vary so much. The simpler models often consist of a shell that you put into the freezer to make it sufficiently cold for the ice cream mixture to set. With these machines, you need to know in advance that you’ll have a craving for home-made ice cream. You’ll also need space in the freezer for the rather bulky shell. After it’s cold enough, you use the ice cream maker to mix the ingredients for the ice cream in the normal way.

If you instead choose an ice cream maker with a built-in compressor, the machine freezes the ice cream as it prepares it, which means the ice cream is often ready to serve after just a couple of hours.

Use condensed milk for perfect, creamy ice cream

There’s no limit to the flavours you can add to home-made ice cream. Fresh berries from your own garden, or perhaps your favourite sweets? It’s entirely up to you – and your taste buds – what you want for dessert this evening. But to achieve the right consistency, experienced ice cream maker users say that a recipe with condensed milk gives the very best results.

Using condensed milk and cream you can also make delicious ice cream entirely without an ice cream maker. Here too, the condensed milk gives a wonderfully creamy ice cream that you can flavour however you want. Perfect if you have a small kitchen where there’s no room for any more kitchen appliances.

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