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Minimalistic Christmas Decorating 2019

Updated December 6, 2019

You may have read or heard at some point that "those who decorate at Christmas are happier" and if that's true, it's definitely a good idea to get started with prepping now. Christmas and the holiday season are swiftly approaching and the stress that goes hand-in-hand with holiday prepping is slowly building.

Find some inner peace by getting absorbed into some Christmas music and set the tone for decorating. It may seem somewhat cliché but it goes without saying that listening old, nostalgic Christmas music when turning your home into a winter wonderland is a must!

1. Red is not the only option

When one starts thinking about Christmas decorations, many go straight to thinking that the home has to be completely covered in red fabrics. This year, try something different and experiment with your decoration style, for example, going for pine green or stylish white decorations mixed in with some natural materials. Go out into the woods (if you live near any wooded areas) and pick some spruce and pine cones to add some natural flair; it's both cheap and environmentally friendly!

2. Let there be light, light and some more light!

At this time of the year, mother nature can use some help in lighting up the darkness. So throw on your coat or jacket, slip on your wooly hat and put some Christmas lights on your balcony or the facade of your home. You can also skip the ceiling lights and instead opt for some candlelight to give your home or flat a warm, comforting light in. Star lights or advent candlestick holders by the window are also a great idea, or better yet, why not do both? String lights in lanterns or immersed in vases also give the home a comforting light when placed around the home.

3. Figurines or no figurines? That is the question

Placing Christmas figurines all over the house isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some find it absolutely necessary to create a Christmas atmosphere, others find it nonsensical and cannot be bothered to deal with the lifting and storage of figurines. Our advice is just to invest in a few decorations that give that little something extra special without cluttering your home. To avoid clashing or mismatched colours, we therefore recommend sticking to versatile colours like white and black.

4. Calendars worthy of decoration

In the not so distant past, many used to make advent calendars themselves and wrapped small packages that would be opened for each day of December leading up to Christmas. Today the tradition is fairly similar but now with the possibility of buying ready-made advent calendars with items outside of the stereotypical chocolate calendars, say with tea, coffee, skincare products or even lego and other goodies. Whatever you have an itch for, it's certainly a nice bonus touch to have something that both acts as a decoration and gives you a little something in return!

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