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How to create a smart home - 13 gadgets that make everyday life easier!

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Updated March 3, 2020

The dream of having a smart home is something that can already be realised today. Here are 13 examples of products that make everyday home life easier and smarter for you.

The inter-connected, smart and intelligent home has long been a dream concept for many. However, for long as it's been dreamed about, it's also been just a wee bit too expensive, required tech-know how or has simply just not worked as well as envisioned. We've come a long way technologically speaking in the past few years and making your home smarter no longer needs to be a headache to set up or cost you and arm and a leg,

13 products that make your home smarter and your life more convenient

1. Robot vacuum cleaner - Xiaomi Roborock S6

A small machine that keeps the floor clean, by both hoovering and mopping! The vacuum is able to map out the layout of your home with the help of its sensors and with your phone you can set a cleaning schedule, select cleaning of specific rooms and much more.

2. Voice assistant in smart speakers - Nest Mini

A voice assistant is a focal point in the smart home. They can answer questions, set timers and so much more. The real strength with these is comes when you connect it with your other smart home devices, so that with just your voice, you can control everything in your home from the lighting, heating and TV.

3. Smart lighting - Hue

Philips Hue is a fantastically simple and stable way to get started with smart lighting in your home. After getting a startkit, you can start exploring all the possibilities of testing different lights in your home when Hue Play enters the equation. They are stylish, easily moved lights that easily help create the desired mood in your home.

4. Decorate with lights - Nanoleaf

Lights can be used for more than just chasing away the darkness. Nanoleaf is a collection of connected plates that you place on your wall in order to create your own form of light decoration. You can control them with your voice assistant, mobile or let them pulse to the beat of some music.

5. See who's at the door - Ring Video Doorbell 2

The modern door peep-hole. A smart doorbell that lets you see who is ringing at the door and also lets you communicate with them, without needing to open the door or even being at home. Everything connected to your mobile and means that you don't need to open the door to get a peek at who's standing outside.

6. Smart fire alarms - Nest Protect

A smart fire alarm that monitors smoke and carbon monoxide levels, warns you prior before starting the big fire alarm and can tell you the suspected room the source of the smoke is located. This can of course be done on the fire alarm itself or via smart speakers or your mobile even if you aren't currently at home.

7. What does the weather look like? - Netatmo Weather Station

Do you like to play weatherman sometimes? If so, it would definitely be fun to have your own personal weather station. With Netamo's Weather station you can get both indoor and outdoor conditions analysed in and around your home. Compliment it even further with extra devices indoors, a wind-speed and rain level reader for a complete picture of the indoor and outdoor climate around you.

8. Sleep smarter - Withings Sleep

Who would have thought that even your health is something smart home technology could assist you with. Withings Sleep (known previously as Nokia Sleep) is placed under your mattress and analyses how you sleep. With a better overall picture of your sleeping patterns, you're better equipped to make changes to improve sleep better and get more out of each day in your life.

9. Automatic coffee - Smarter SMC10

If you're one of those folks keen on a morning cup of jo' after a good night's rest, you can start up the coffee machine from your phone. You can schedule the timing of the brewing to run like clockwork or you can start the brewing just before you rise out of bed to start the day with that first delightful cup of coffee.

10. Control the kettle - iKettle

Coffee not your cup of tea in the morning? Puns aside, if tea is more your style, there's of course a smart solution to cater to that a well. A water kettle with wifi is something you can control via your phone, you can set the exact temperature you want the water to be and use that to create the perfect morning breakfast tea.

11. Smarter weight watching - Garmin Index

It goes without saying that your health is super important and weight can sometimes be a big piece of the puzzle. Instead of just getting some digits on a screen, with a smart scale, you can track your weight over a long period of time via a mobile app and also get a more detailed breakdown of how your weight is distributed via fat, muscle, bone and water.

12. Smart air purification - Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

Cool off during the warmer months or keep yourself warm during the colder parts of the year. You can also simultaneously purify air in the room and save yourself a bit of fuss when allergy season kicks in. You can control everything via your phone to make your home as comfortable as possible.

13. Music all over the home - Sonos One Gen 2

Google Home can give your entire household music connectivity without issue. However, if you want a real sound solution for the whole home, Sonos is definitely the best option. One Gen 2 has fantastic audio quality, is compact, works with Alexa (and soon Google Assistant) and lets you control music seamlessly regardless of where in the home you intend on playing music.

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