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Sustainable Lifestyle - 5 greener ways to clean

Updated January 22, 2020

How exactly does one clean in a sustainable fashion? When it comes to the household cleaning products we use, there's plenty of more (or less) green options out there to consider. We're here to ensure you're led in the right direction for more sustainable cleaning!

5 Simple methods for greener household cleaning

It is super easy to fall into the habit of just going with the same old cleaning products you're accustomed to, such as clothing detergents, dishwashing liquids, surface cleaners, scrubbing sponges etc. However, one should always aim to seek out more sustainable and eco-friendly options for cleaning your home

It isn't just the environment that will benefit for those more sustainable choices; you can also save quite a bit of your money as well. Admittedly, there are some greener products that may have a higher initial price-tag when you purchase, but there are also lots of things in your pantry that you can use for cleaning as well. So ultimately, the combination of sustainable cleaning products and bit of creativity pays off in the long run!

1. Take a look at your cleaning cloths and sponges

Have you ever wondered what everyday dishcloths and scrubbing sponges are made out of? Practical microfibre cloths (often made of fleece) are highly recommended for chemical-free cleaning. Fleece is great because it keeps you away from micro-plastics found in normal dishcloths and sponges that can break off during cleaning. When wiping away dust from different spots in your home, use a feather-duster, which will last for several years. When it comes to scrubbing tough grime and dirt, keep an eye out for scrubbing sponges that are made out of biodegradable materials.

2. What's actually in the bottle?

Surface cleaners and detergents are effective and smell fresh, but what exactly do they contain? Always check out the ingredients list on the label. An easy way to ensure you're making more eco-friendly choices with this is to keep your eyes peeled for products that have the EU eco-label, EDP eco-lable, Nordic Swan eco-label or any other relevant eco-labels. Learn more here for more information about eco-labels and what they mean.

3. Let soap be your best friend

Soap is a cleaning product that can be free from harmful chemicals when made from tree oil. The soap often has a mild, fresh scent and can be used to clean a wide variety of items and types of dirt. Burnt bits and food in saucepans can be tackled with this by adding some boiling water and the soap under a sealed lid and letting it sit for a while. For a dirty oven you can rub in the soap, warm up the oven to 100 degrees and then turn it off immediately. When the oven cools down you can then easily wipe away both the soap and all grime within the oven.

4. Wipe down surfaces using old-school tricks and remedies

One can go an unbelievably long way in their cleaning with the help of items you likely already have in your pantry or cupboard. Baking soda can work wonders in helping clean your sink. A bit of fresh lemon juice in a cup, mixed with water that you place in the microwave for a minute to get that extra effective magic that can make your microwave oven as clean as a whistle. Vinegar and baking soda can also be lifesavers when it comes to general home cleaning. The best part about these old-school solutions is that they lack harmful chemicals and will also be safer your children, as well as for any animals and pets you may keep indoors.

5. Think about the volume of water you use

It is easy to just let the tap run unattended whilst cleaning and forget that you've left it on. Try to be sparing with your water usage. Fill a bucket or bowl with water instead of leaving the tap running for long periods of time. Not only will you cut down on water wastage, which is better for the environment you may just save some money on your water utility bills as well!

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