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Tools That Will Help You Save £Hundreds On Black Friday

ByKaelan RobinsonUpdated November 28, 2019

Everyone can shop during sales, but the best deals are found by those who keep a close eye on carefully choosing their moment to make their move to buy.

Smart tools for finding the best Black Friday deals

PriceRunner has a number of functions that make it super easy to find the best prices. It's important to remember however, that a low price on Black Friday alone isn't always proof of a great deal. Therefore, it's important to look at historical prices before jumping on the opportunity to buy something. For those who don't have the time to manually check and monitor the historical pricing trends of everything they have on their wish-list, there's a smart tool and solution available for you.

1. Compare prices

When a single store indicates a low price on a product you wish to buy, that doesn't mean that it can't be found for even less in another store. Always do a price comparison on PriceRunner beforehand. That way, you don't lose out on an even better deal in stores you may have otherwise overlooked initially.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to take the freight and delivery costs into consideration with the total price. If you find amazing deals online, be aware that the freight costs might drive the price higher than it would be in other online stores. Always double check!

2. Look at the historical pricing trends

PriceRunner's historical pricing graph Search on PriceRunner for the product you wish to buy, and then scroll down to the historical pricing graph. This can help you make better-informed decisions about when and where to buy. You can choose to view only UK prices or also include foreign webstores if you wish to cast the net even wider. If you prefer to shop from specific store, you can even see their unique pricing history for the product in question by clicking on "Choose store".

Pro tip: The truly well-versed shopper can benefit from looking back in time to see how individual online stores have acted during Black Friday the previous year. Did the store begin sales slightly in advance of Black Friday? Or did they perhaps offer the best deal on the specific product you're looking to buy on Cyber Monday? These are all questions looking at historical pricing trends can help answer.

3. Set a Price Alert

PriceRunners Price Alert for Sonos1 speaker Use PriceRunner's Price Alerts on all the products you're hoping to get your hands on during Black Friday. Choose if you wish to be notified as soon as the price lowers or if you wish to be notified only when the price falls below a set amount.

Pro tip: Follow your favourite stores on social media. It's not uncommon that this will be the first place you'll find Black Friday offers or that a webstore will give its followers first grabs on exclusive discount codes or codes for free delivery on Black Friday.

20 popular products on Black Friday

On Black Friday, there are often great opportunities to find great deals for most types of products. Here are some products that are currently the most popular on PriceRunner that are likely on many people's wish-lists for being discounted when the sales are underway.

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