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Top List: The 10 most popular pressure washers right now (2020)

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Updated March 10, 2020

Pressure washers are the undisputed king of outdoor cleaning, and with good reason. Here you'll find the 10 most popular pressure washers right now!

With a good pressure washer, you can swiftly clean large areas and surfaces with little hassle. If you're in the market for a new one there are some important factors to consider when choosing.

3 tips for buying a pressure washer

If you're going to buy a new pressure washer and want to be satisfied with your purchase, it's important to consider what your needs are. What do you intend on cleaning with your pressure washer? How long of a cord do you need? What other settings and functions might be important to you? Below we'll list 3 important factors to keep in mind when answering these question

How often do you clean?

Ingrained dirt is always much tougher to get rid of compared to dirt that is relatively new. Think about how you are as an individual and how often do you intend to clean things with your pressure washer. You'll definitely want a high performance pressure washer if you're up against some serious dirt and grime.

What are you cleaning?

Pressure washers are designed to meet different kinds of needs and purposes. For example, some can warm the water up to 60°C, which means you're better equipped to clean things like oil stains and other types of heavy grime that are more easily washed with warmer water temperatures. Most standard models usually warm water to around 40°C.

What functions do you need?

Most pressure washers have fairly similar offerings in terms of their functions; usually coming with two nozzles and some system for adding cleaning solution to the machine, as well as a draining hose. There are some kits that provide special nozzles for terraces and gutters and some that can take non-pressurised water from a barrel or tank for example, and filter it.

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