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Top List: The 10 most popular wearables right now (2020)

Updated May 5, 2020

Pulse watches, smart watches, exercise watches, activity arm bands and sports watches? There are many different types of products under the umbrella term wearables and the lines between what differentiates them can be a bit blurry.

Tips for buying wearables

Regardless of whether you plan on running an ultra-marathon or just want to keep a better eye on your daily activity, there's a model out there for you. Here are some things to think about before you buy.

Which type suits you best?

As previously mentioned, there are many different kinds of wearables to choose from nowadays. Everything from advanced sports watches and smartwatches with large screens, GPS, mobile data and the possibility of streaming music to your activity arm band that lets you keep track of your daily movements without covering your entire wrist.

What features are important to you?

Do you want a large display that allows you to read messages or is it enough to only see the time? How long is the battery-life? Can it work smoothly being charged once a week or does it need to be topped up every day? Does it need to be waterproof? Does it suit your fashion sense and style so that you can use it daily? These are just a few considerations to have in mind.

What type of phone do you have?

The operating system your phone uses can also affect your choice of wearable gear, because it often is more or less dependent on being able to connect with your phone. Most simpler models work equally well regardless if you use an iPhone or an Android device. Some watches with more varied and advanced functions may be limited to use with specific device types. For example, it's tough to use an Apple Watch to its full potential if you don't have an iPhone.

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