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Carpet Cleaners Vax SpotWash CDCW-CSXS

Vax SpotWash CDCW-CSXS

Carpet Cleaner, Water Tank



It’s a vacuum that is customised to cleaning carpets and rugs. Most models operate on three stages: cleaning detergent is mixed with water to deep clean the rug fibres; the vacuum is fitted with bristle brushes that scrub the dirt and stains; and finally, the vacuum sucks up all the dust and dirt.

A lot of carpet cleaners are also made to clean other textiles, such as furniture and curtains. Some models are also okay to use on floors. Make sure to read up on what your carpet cleaner can do, as it varies between models.

If the rug or carpet is not used very often and you don’t have pets or children, you probably don’t have to clean it more than once a year, apart from vacuuming it as usual. If you have kids, you should clean it every six months, and if you’re a smoker or have pets, we recommend cleaning your carpet at least once every third month.