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Vegetable Knife price comparison

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Victorinox Fibrox Rabbit And Vegetable Knife # 5510310 Blade 100Mm / 3.9" Handle 135Mm

Victorinox Fibrox Rabbit And Vegetable Knife # 5510310 Blade 100Mm / 3.9" Handle 135Mm

Victorinox Fibrox professional knives stand out due to their high-quality, hard-wearing materials as well as being carefully developed for their intended purpose. Thanks to the wide product range, every professional will find the ideal knife for his or her exact requirements.The non-slip Fibrox handles can be sterilized at up to 150 degrees Celsius which makes them perfect for restaurants, hotels, catering companies and are brilliant for first time users. Victorinox use a selected high carbon stainless steel which ensures the best possible edge retention with a low risk of breakage. Weight73g Handle materialFibroxHandle length135mmBlade length 100mm/3.9"Thickness at spine 2.2mmThickness at tip 0.6mmCutting edge 50/50Blade materialHigh carbon stainless steel Hardness (Rockwell scale)55-56Blade depth22mmLayers NoneUse and care Use a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife Hand wash in warm water and towel dry Do not cut any frozen food

£28incl. shipping
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Jean-Patrique 5" Serrated Vegetable Knife

Jean-Patrique 5" Serrated Vegetable Knife

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN ► Designed to be as comfortable to chop, slice, mince and dice with as possible. Handle shaped to fit snugly in hand and blade built to keep a sharp edge for as long as possible to ensure easy and efficient use. ✅ HIGH CARBON STAINLESS STEEL ► Our Chopaholic 5 inch Utility Knife is forged with high carbon stainless steel for as strong as possible a knife, that will hold a sharp edge for a long time. ✅ SINGLE FORGED ► Forged continuously in a single piece for strength and hygiene, eliminating the chance for bacteria to enter into any nooks or crannies. ✅ GREAT FOR EVERYDAY USE ► Perfect for everyday professional or home kitchen use. Built to withstand frequent and tough chopping tasks. ✅ EASY TO CLEAN ► Wash with warm soapy water and hand dry for a quick, easy clean which ensures your knives stay sharp for as long as possible.

£9.48incl. shipping
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