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Scholl Foot Files Scholl 2-In-1 File & Smooth Electronic Foot File System

Scholl 2-In-1 File & Smooth Electronic Foot File System

Foot File, Smoothing, Exfoliating

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3 tips when buying a foot file

Foot files come in various models and sizes. Some people prefer electric foot files, while others favour manual hard skin and callus files. Here are 3 types of files to help you achieve silky-smooth feet:

  • Electric foot files make removing hard skin from your feet effortless.

  • Manual foot files are effective for rasping away rough skin.

  • Pumice stone foot files gently and easily remove hard skin. Plus, pumice stone can be a highly decorative feature in your bathroom.

  • Whether you go for an electric or manual foot file, it should be comfortable to grip, even during longer sessions that may be needed to tackle more stubborn calluses. Some foot files are specially designed for those hard-to-reach areas on your feet.

  • A lot of people like foot files with extra-long handles, as it makes it easier to reach all over your feet without any gymnastic skills.

  • Foot files with a collector are hygienic since they catch the debris, saving you from vacuuming afterwards.

When choosing a foot file, consider the material and coarseness of the surface:

  • Foot files with diamond crystals come in various designs and gently remove hard skin.

  • Stainless steel foot files have a long lifespan and are sometimes supplied with foot file refills that can be replaced as needed.

  • Wooden foot files are durable and eco-friendly. A wooden foot file is not only visually appealing but also enjoyable to use.

Check out this video for pedicure techniques.

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