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Cybex Baby Seats Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

Cybex Cloud Z i-Size

Baby Seat, Rear, i-Size, UN R129, Carry Handle, Newborn Seat Reducer Included, Side Impact Protection (ASIP), Rotatable, Washable Covering, Adjustable Head Rest

Baby Monitors Direct
Donaghy Bros
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Most baby car seats can either be attached to the car using a seatbelt or with a previously installed base. The disadvantages of using a seatbelt to attach the baby car seat are that it’s easy to install it incorrectly, and it’s also fiddly to put the baby car seat into or remove it from the car.

The risk of incorrect installation is significantly reduced if you use a base, and still more if the base is attached to the car using Isofix brackets. Regardless of how the base is installed, you then simply click the baby car seat into the base. So for example this makes it easier to lift the baby car seat out without waking the baby.

Most, but not all, baby car seats can be attached directly in the car using a seatbelt. For the odd car journey, it can be preferable to do this rather than to remove the base from your own car and put it in somebody else’s. The base is often heavy and bulky to carry with you on the move.

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