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Lee Stafford Shampoo

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Lee Stafford Hair care Frizz Off Shampoo 250 ml

Lee Stafford Hair care Frizz Off Shampoo 250 ml

With the caring Frizz Off Shampoo from the cosmetic brand by the British celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford, dry and frizzy hair is tamed from roots to tips and silky soft. The main ingredient in this special anti-frizz haircare is keratin which smooths the hair cuticles and so flattens the hair.Specialities and properties of the Frizz Off Shampoo: The hair shampoo does not contain any sulphates which are used for lather build up and no sodium salts! As these damage the hair Lee Stafford has specifically developed excellent smoothing shampoos without these ingredients. The Shampoo maintains the natural moisture balance of the hair. The Frizz Off haircare effectively provides difficult to manage, frizzy hair with moisture, smooths it and makes it wonderfully soft. The Shampoo still has a very mild effect on the hair.Application, optimum result and suitability:The caring and smoothing shampoo is applied to wet hair, thoroughly massaged in and lathered up. If you want more lather, just add a little more water when massaging in. Then, thoroughly rinse out of the hair. Recommendation: wash your hair twice. For an optimum result or especially difficult to manage hair, it is recommended to then apply the care mask treatment and then follow with the Conditioner by Lee Stafford. The sequence of this compact haircare first includes the use of the Shampoo and then the use of the treatment care mask, which is also applied to wet hair, as a second step, leaving it to work in the hair to work for a few minutes and then rinsing it out. Only in the third step is the Conditioner evenly distributed in the hair, combed through and then thoroughly rinsed out. Tip: rinse your hair with cold water to finish. Through this the scalp is sealed and the hair gains a beautiful shine. All three haircare products contain precious keratin. The Shampoo is well suited for a hair smoothing Brazilian Blow Dry treatment with keratin.
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