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Phyto Shampoo

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Phyto PhytoProgenium Intelligent Frequent Use Shampoo 400ml

Phyto PhytoProgenium Intelligent Frequent Use Shampoo 400ml

The particularity of the Phyto brand is to give a specific answer to every hair and scalp disorder. Meanwhile, there is a segment that can suit any hair type in order to purify the scalp and beautify the hair.Hair that is usually healthy-looking and has natural radiance, hold, suppleness, and manageability is contributed to intact cuticle and harmonious sebum secretion. This hair may be thick, fine or medium in diameter.Pioneers in the field of hair care, the Phytosolba research Laboratories created a new intelligent active ingredient called Progenium. This original ingredient effectively treats the scalp's ecosystem by preserving the beneficial flora (natural protective shield) and reducing the presence of harmful germs.Phytoprogenium, with Progenium and Olive Leaf Extract, is also formulated with a natural, clarifying base which gently cleanses irritated and sensitive scalps providing fast-acting relief.Phytoprogenium is a daily shampoo enirched with Oat Milk and a decoction of Marshmallow Root (44%) to gently soften, and Antioxidant rich Olive Leaf Extract to protect hair and scalp.Hair and scalp is protected with each shampoo, leading the way to healthy, beautiful hair.The Phyto Solution: Maintain hair's natural balance to prevent problems from developing and remove impurities to restore shine and to ensure a healthy scalp.Idea for: Scalp Care. Irritated amp; Sensitive Scalps.
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