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Nintendo Switch Game Consoles Nintendo Switch OLED Model - White

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - White

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Three tips when buying a gaming console

A game console is only as good as the games it can play, so there’s an old, worn-out metaphor that’s actually true. Above all, you need to find out which games are released exclusively to which console. If you like Mario, only Nintendo will do, Halo is just Xbox and so on. A search for exclusive titles gives you all the information you need.

If your friends, co-workers etc. are all using the same system, it may be a good idea to buy the same.

  • You can take your own control with you to gaming evenings at someone’s home,
  • You can play online with each other.

It also means that you have more common topics if you have the same machine and play the same game.

The latest Xbox and Playstation are available in versions with or without disc player. So you have to decide right from the start whether you want to buy games physically on a disc or just digitally.

It can be also be smart and convenient to subscribe to games. Nintendo has no such service, but Xbox and Playstation do. With a monthly fee, you can simply download as many games as you like from the service’s catalogue. Great if you play a lot and always want something new, not so good if you rarely play or restrict yourself to just a handful of games.

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