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Polaroid Portable Photo Studio Lightning Kit

Polaroid Portable Photo Studio Lightning Kit

This is the Polaroid Portable Photo Lightning Kit , a super handy portable photo studio that allows you to photograph smaller products, for example. The white nylon surroundings soften shadows caused by the camera's direct flash. Two light sources with a colour temperature of 5100k are included for optimal exposure. Features Material: Nylon and polyester Light source: 2x 20W daylight lamps Cable: 1.9m per lamp Colour temperature: 5100K Dimensions suitcase: 43,2x40,6x9cm Weight: 2.7kg To make shooting as comfortable as possible, you can use the tripod. The height of the tripod can be determined by yourself, between 25,4cm and 43,2cm. In addition, the set includes four different colours backdrops that you can use as a background. In the supplied carrying bag you can easily store the whole kit and take it with you. The light tent has a 40.64x40.64 cm size and weighs about 2700 grams. Because of the weight and size, it is very handy to take with you.

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Focusrite iTrack Studio Lightning Recording Package For iPad, Mac and PC

Focusrite iTrack Studio Lightning Recording Package For iPad, Mac and PC

Description The Focusrite iTrack Studio is a complete recording package for iPad, Mac and PC. Following on from the success of the Scarlett Studio package, Focusrite has decided to create a bundle for its iOS interface, the iTrack Solo, with a condenser microphone, an XLR cable and a pair of studio headphones. The previously available iTrack Solo offers two channels, one with an XLR input and high-quality Focusrite preamp, and the other with a balanced TRS jack input. There’s Phantom power for powering the included microphone, a headphone output for the included headphones and stereo line outs can be used to connect the iTrack Solo to a pair of active monitors. The iTrack Solo can connect to an iOS device using the included Device Link cable, which has a 30-pin Apple connector. The iTrack Solo can also be used with PC and Mac using its USB 2.0 output. The iTrack Studio package includes the Focusrite CM25S large-diaphragm condenser microphone with mic clip and cable, which is a ideal for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments wherever you are. The package is completed by the inclusion of the Focusrite HP60S closed-back reference monitoring studio headphones for monitoring what you’re recording. The iTrack comes bundled with software for iOS, PC and Mac. Included is Ableton Live Lite, the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite, Loopmasters sample content and the Novation Bass Station soft synth, all for Mac and PC. For iOS users, the iTrack can be used with Focusrite’s Tape app, which offers a streamlined tape-style recording platform for recording the two inputs together. The Focusrite iTrack Studio is perfect for studio beginners and veterans alike who are looking for an excellent value portable and versatile recording setup. The main features of the Focusrite iTrack Studio Lighning Recording Package For iPad, Mac and PC include: iTrack Solo 2-channel audio interface CM25S large-diaphragm condenser microphone with mic clip XLR to XLR cable HP60S closed-back referenc...

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