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Ralf Aust 5/8 Carbon Steel Open Razor (Spanish Point)

Ralf Aust 5/8 Carbon Steel Open Razor (Spanish Point)

A stunning razor by one of Solingen's few remaining razor manufacturers!! Ralf Aust is one of the few remaining manufacturers of superb quality hand made razors in the Solingen region of Germany, their "Sheffield steel" equivalent. This razor is made using 60 production steps and incorporates a durable black thermoplastic handle. The handle provides a stunning contrast against the polished carbon steel blade which features a 'Spanish' point and the manufacturer's logo stamped into the shank. This really is a quality razor to rival the likes of Dovo and Boker. Please note: As with all of our open razors, whilst this razor is factory honed and deemed "shave ready" by the manufacturer, that's not to say it can't be made sharper by getting it honed professionally which is down to personal preference.


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BodyVerde Ready-To-Use All-In-One Razor

BodyVerde Ready-To-Use All-In-One Razor

Ready-To-Use, All-In-One Razor & Lotion In The Handle For A Water-Free Shave We just made the shaving process quicker and cleaner for men and women. Our innovative disposable razor makes it easier than ever to shave no matter where you are in the world. No need to worry about water if you want an instant, smooth shave. Our best-selling Speed Shave lotion is conveniently dispensed from the handle of our precision 4-blade razor. No lathering or rinsing is required. The use of water is optional for rinsing the razor afterwards. Our unique design allows for 7-10 shaves per razor. In minutes you will have a moisturizing shave that keeps skin soft all day. Speed Shave lotion uses SmartGlidetm Technology to deliver a synergistic blend of ingredients that coat each hair and minimize friction and bumps for a super moisturizing shave. Skin stays soft all day. Rich emollients minimize razor nicks, burns and bumps. Non-irritating formula is ideal for all skin types and has a...


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