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T-Cut RPD010 Rust Magic Pen

T-Cut RPD010 Rust Magic Pen

Description T-Cut Rust Remover Pen converts rust to a prepared surface in just 15 minutes.It turns the rust into a blue/black colour allowing for a well-prepared surface suitable for over-coating.The fluid within the pen neutralises, stabilises and transforms the iron oxides (the red rust) into a water-insoluble complex reaching into the pits and cavities that the more common rust removal methods do not.The treated area can be overcoated with all forms of paint including water based, acrylics etc.ADVANTAGESStabilises and prevents any further flash rusting.VOC-free.Quick & easy to use.Fine tip for accurate repair and no messCures rust and prevents further corrosionAfter 3 hours you are left with a well-prepared surface suitable for over-coating.APPLICATION1. Remove loose paint and rust with a wire brush. Ensure surface is clean and free from oil and grease.2. Before use, shake pen well for one minute.3. Prime the applicator by gently pressing the nib down several times on a clean hard surface (the fluid will begin to flow into the applicator).4. Apply fluid liberally to the affected area. Any excess fluid applied outside the treated area should be removed with a damp cloth.5. Within 15 minutes reaction occurs converting rust to a blue/black colour. Leave to dry for 3 hours before applying top coat.NOTE: The surface should turn blue/black whilst reacting with the rust.If the treated surface does not react within 15minutes, re-apply Rust Magic. Avoid applying to the coarse surface as this will deteriorate the nib. This pen is not intended to cover large areas of rust.


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