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WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch - Award Winner!

WOW! Stuff Collection Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch - Award Winner!

This replica Mystery Golden Snitch Magically Flies! ng Snitch has realistic fluttering wings and appears to respond to your hands, rising up and flying around your body as you move, avoiding capture. Please do be aware however that this is an illusion; The Mystery Flying Snitch doesnt really fly totally unaided, as that would be real magic and something even the award-winning muggles and No-Majs at WOW! Stuff have not yet quite managed to do. The Mystery Flying Snitch comes with eight patented flying activators. These activators, that suspend the Snitch, are high tensile Aramid fibre thread (AKA Invisible Thread). The thread is approximately twice as strong as steel of the same thickness but almost totally invisible from around six feet! This allows you to recreate magical scenes from the Harry Potter films, film yourself on any smartphone or tablet, and share the results with family and friends. Every Harry Potter fan knows that a game of Quidditch only ends when the Snitch is caught. Now fans of the ultimate Wizarding World sport will be able to connect with their inner Chaser or Seeker and wow their friends as they attempt to catch the new Mystery Flying Snitch as it appears to magically fly about them. This new incarnation of the famous winged Quidditch ball is ideal for cosplay and each kit comes with a free Quidditch poster for inspiration. When not in use, the Mystery Flying Snitch can take pride of place on the special display plinth provided.


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LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure

Brand LEGO Weight 3.685g Theme LEGO Harry Potter Year Released 2010 BOID 409174 Note: Unless stated otherwise, this minifigure does not include any accessories. View Catalog Entry

The Daily Brick


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Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Product Description Make a witch or wizard’s first day at Hogwarts magical with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat. This wise old hat uses its powers to choose a house for the young witch or wizard who wears it. Authentically styled to look just like the Sorting Hat in the movies, this clever hat moves its mouth and really talks! With 5 phrases, it can sort the courageous Gryffindor from the ambitious Slytherin, and the sharp Ravenclaw from the kind Hufflepuff. So, what house will the Harry Potter Sorting Hat choose for you? This toy makes a beautiful gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Kids can act out their favourite scenes from the Harry Potter series, from Harry’s first day in the Great Hall to the Sorting Hat’s sudden appearance in the Chamber of Secrets.



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