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Missy Kissy Talking Doll

Missy Kissy Talking Doll

Product Description Missy Kissy by JC Dolls is a sweet interactive doll that’s exclusive to Smyths Toys. Young children will love caring for a little one of their own—and Missy Kissy is packed with playful features! (Outfit styles may vary) This affectionate doll loves to talk almost as much as she loves you—she’ll even ask for a kiss, and then give you one in return! Missy Kissy asks to play, as well as to be fed, burped and put on her potty. This clever doll really drinks from her bottle, and she knows only to go potty when put on her potty. Missy Kissy even plays a song and sounds as she sits on her baby potty. Missy Kissy makes bedtime magical too. Her sleepy eyes close when she’s placed down for a nap or bedtime, and a lullaby plays when you give her the dummy. With 10 fun activities and sounds, including burping, nap time and potty time, this baby doll is a bundle of joy perfect for parenting role play. Missy Kissy is a 38cm doll, making her substantial enough for toddler play. Her soft body isjust perfect for cuddles. This fun interactive doll comes clothed, along with a change of outfit, a baby bottle, a dummy, a bib and a potty.



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Clementoni 61598 Baby First Doll Clementoni-61598-My

Clementoni 61598 Baby First Doll Clementoni-61598-My

This adorable little educational talking doll is made of fabric and perfect for playing and learning in a sweet little dolly world! The 3 interactive buttons on its tummy help your child to learn numbers, shapes, colours, foods, animal sounds and lots of new words. Using the interactive dummy, your child will be able to lull their first doll off to sleep by activating its bedtime game mode. Stimulates emotional development, language skills, visual and aural perception and understanding of the relationship between cause and effect. Available free App with lots of activities specifically designed for children. Batteries included. Recommended age: + 10 months., Recommended age group: 10 months - 83 years, Manufacturer: Clementoni


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