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Hasbro Transformers All Spark Figure Tv Action Figures

Hasbro Transformers All Spark Figure Tv Action Figures

Want to turn you into the head of the mechanical universe? Want to dominate the whole planet of legendary, extreme and supreme battles? Feel all the strength, endurance, astutia, and tenacity of your favourite symbolic characters? Yes? Then buy Transformers 5 Allspark figures straight away! They are not just figures, with them you will have the power your titanium idols come to life, know you not? Then with the Allspark Cube! Hasbro surprise us with the AllSpark Tech system, with this innovative method of your figures and will emit lights and sounds by joining the cube with the figure, it's not brother! In 5 easy steps of your figure it will turn into its characteristic car and vice versa! Enter the explosive world of Transformers: The Last Knight and also buy the different models we have for you: - Barricade - Autobot Hound - Bumblebee - Autobot Drift Do you have a favorite? Do not forget to specify the desired model in the comments section. Otherwise, we will send one by random. If you want to relive the scenes of your favourite film, try to buy them all and feel the true thrill of Transformers, you will not regret them! Increase your collection by passing through our section! Recommended age: 6 years and above. Available models: Barricate, Autobot Hound, Bumblebee and Autobot Drift Note: The Allspark Tech Cube is sold separately and subject to availability


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