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Jiffy Steam Irons price comparison

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Jiffy J-2000M Residential Series Clothes Steamer, 1300 Watt, Grey

Jiffy J-2000M Residential Series Clothes Steamer, 1300 Watt, Grey

As your drycleaner knows, steam is the gentlest, safest, most efficient method to remove wrinkles from fabrics. The powerful action of garment steamers penetrates the fibers, relaxes them and causes the wrinkles to release. Unlike ironing, the gentle method of steaming increases the life of clothing. Garment steamers breathe new life into fabrics; conversely, ironing crushes clothing fibers. Many garment steamer users have found that steaming is up to five times faster than conventional ironing. The Model J-2000 garment steamers have the same lightweight, flexible hose and easy-roll casters for mobility as the Model J-2 garment steamer, but with an updated design and several ergonomic features. This versatile Residential Series garment steamer has even been found by some owners to eliminate dust mites in bedding. You will enjoy discovering new applications for this powerful and flexible appliance in your home. The 'M' model features a metal head and wooden handle. This is to ensure the steam flow remains dry and gives a high quality finish.


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