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Home and Beauty Products you should buy (and shouldn't buy) on Black Friday

Katarina Stenskytt

Updated November 18, 2020

A strong cup of tea or coffee in the morning, a weighted blanket and good book for bedtime. The products that get you through the day are many and much of them are worth keeping an eye on in the period leading up to Black Friday. We'll look at some lifesavers that you should be on the lookout for during sales-time (along with the ones you should wait a bit longer for to get a good discount).

Home and Beauty Products you should buy (and shouldn't buy) on Black Friday

10 Black Friday buys that make life a bit easier

Moccamaster KBG741 AO-B

1. Coffee Maker

Good morning - hope your morning cup of java tastes great! Coffee makers from Moccamaster are almost iconic, and for all the right reasons. It's seldom been so easy to brew a fantastic cup of coffee at almost record speed. It doesn't take more than a few minutes for a Moccamaster to brew a whole pot of coffee. The temperature is spot-on every time, meaning that you don't have to fuss too much with how much cold water you put into the coffee maker (even though cold water is always recommended prior to brewing). Based on the pricing history for Black Friday last year, we can expect to see prices on the world's favourite coffee makers fall by around 20%.

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Dyson Supersonic

2. Hairdryer

After a refreshing morning shower, it's lovely to blow some live back into your hair. The Dyson Supersonic is a hairdryer that is topping many wish-lists in the lead-up to the holidays. As a winner of many tests and a favourite amongst hair stylists due to its ergonomic design and comfortable sound levels (even for a hairdryer, it is fairly quiet), this is a product worth looking towards during Black Friday. Last year, this hairdryer saw a 20% discount, but we'd like to add that being swift here is key because the Dyson Supersonic is rarely put on sale for more than a day at a time.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF15 50ml

3. A great moisturiser

Whether you are looking to just get another tub of your favourite day cream, or maybe splurge on a more expensive one, Black Friday often sees reductions at around 20 percent on skincare products. Waiting to catch a deal on an amazing moisturiser may, in other words, be well worth it. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face is a rich cream perfect for the winter season ahead (and hey, it's not as sticky as the original Eight Hour Cream, so don't worry about that).

Byredo Gypsy Water EdP 50ml

4. Mainstream Fragrances vs. Niche Fragrances

Freshly showered and glowing - time to spritz a bit of your favourite fragrance. Fragrances for both women and men are one of the most popularly visited categories during Black Friday. Perfumes / colognes can often be a bit expensive to invest in but are often put on sale during these sales periods. How much you can save of course depends on the fragrance you're after. Generally speaking, the mainstream fragrances see the biggest discounts between 20-25%, whereas more niche fragrances tend not to see the same price reductions during Black Friday and are thus, not as worthwhile to buy at that time. However, if you find a great deal - take full advantage of it!

Scanpan CTX Frying Pan 28 cm

5. Frying pans

In the morning when it's time to fry up some sausages or bacon, it's easy to default to a handy frying pan to do the trick. Scanpan's frying pans have not only won our test of frying pans, but they're a consistent favourite in many households. Bearing in mind that their frying pans can be a bit pricey, they're a product many wait for until they are put on sale. It goes without saying however, that the prices for Scanpan's frying pans fluctuate considerably over the course of a whole year and you can get them at a lower price at different times during the year. Discounts on these around Black Friday last year didn't differ too greatly from other sales campaigns, so if you see a good price and deal already before Black Friday comes, seize the opportunity!

Oral-B Genius 10000N

7. Electric Toothbrushes

Don't forget your teeth! Upgrade your morning (and evening) routine with an electric toothbrush and make your teeth sparkle. Electric toothbrushes are often an appreciated Christmas gift, and it's of course not a bad idea to wait until Black Friday to buy one. You can save up to 30% on the premium toothbrush the Oral-B Genius 10000N around Black Friday. With that said, electric toothbrushes are products that routinely get discounted, so if you can't find one during Black Friday, a new opportunity will be just around the corner.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 50ml

8. Night serum

Night serum is a great product to complement your skincare routine with. It's also a product that can cost quite a bit to buy, depending on the particular brand, ingredients and overall you are searching for. The highly popular night serum Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Syncronised Recovery Complex II saw discounts of around 15% on Black Friday 2019 and the same is also the case for many other popular serums. There's a strong chance you'll be able to save quite a bit this year as well, especially when you consider how skincare items in general are usually discounted during Black Week.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 8GB (2018)

9. E-Readers

Being able to avoid having heavy books clutter your bed and instead have a whole library in your hands in a lightweight E-Reader is lifesaver for many book lovers. You can usually find deals on electronics during Black Friday, but when you take a look at how the prices were last November for E-Readers, it doesn't seem worth betting on that you'll have huge savings on these. Rather, it's more worthwhile to wait until Black Friday to see if you can find a special offer or deal on an E-Reader or even set a price alert on the E-Reader you'd like to buy. Worth mentioning are the Kobo or Amazon Kindle E-readers which are notable names that we saw discounts on for Black Friday 2019.

Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100

10. Wake up light

Winter is coming... and with it comes darker mornings. Perhaps you're keen on kitting out your bedroom with a Wake up light that wakes you with the help of some light instead of that abrasive alarm you have set on your phone? Being woken by a simulated sunrise is definitely something nicer to start the day with. Home electronics generally see drops in price over the course of Black Week, but for Wake up lights in particular, the price tends to fluctuate all throughout the year. In this instance, it might be a good idea to buy when you find a great price, regardless of if it's on Black Friday or not!

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