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10 Christmas gift ideas for babies

Anna Lavfors

Updated December 6, 2021

Coming up with presents for a baby who hasn't yet celebrated its first birthday can be harder than you think. But there are some safe cards that often lands well with babies as wells as parents. And even if the time of use for baby toys is short, they can be very appreciated during the time they get played with.

10 Christmas gift ideas for babies

It's the most fun to give the baby a Christmas gift that he or she actually enjoys playing with. Don't bother with clothes and blankets that may look nice and cosy, but that most children probably could not care less about. There is often already a surplus of stuffed animals, so you may want to opt-out on those, as well.

Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe

1 - Baby gym

A baby gym is a perfect toy for the newborn child that soon will start to look for things to fix its eyes on and try to reach with its hands.

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Skip Hop Explore & More Follow Bee Crawl Toy

2 - Crawl toy

Is the baby on the verge of starting to move forwards (or backwards) on all fours? A fun toy that encourages crawling might be a perfect Christmas gift, then!

Done By Deer Activity Spiral Deer Friends Elphee

3 - Pushchair toy

Ugh, from a babies' point of view, a parent's idea of a long, refreshing stroller walk might get boring before long. For the sitting baby, a pushchair toy to attach around the belly bar can turn the long walks into playtime!

BRIO Bell Rattle 30052

4 - A rattle

The classic rattle has entertained a whole lot of babies throughout the years, and there is no reason that that tradition should cease in the 2020s. Choose a rattle that even the smallest baby hand can grasp and that makes the perfect amount of noise!

Fisher Price Hide & Peek Pop-Up

6 - Peek-A-Boo toys

Those who have been around a baby knows that a child in that ages like to play peek-a-boo and get just the right amount of terrified. An activity toy with a pop-up function lets the child practice pushing buttons and get happily surprised by what pops up if they succeed!

Skip Hop Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets 5-Pack

7 - Bath toys

An evening bath is part of many people's routine when they are putting the baby to bed, and when the child gets older the time in the bathtub can be one of the best playtimes of the day. Most often it is the simplest [bath toys(/cl/72/Toys?attr_57121562=57167768) that are most appreciated. To pour, scoop and splash - the fun never ends!

Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers Deluxe Track Set

8 - Car track

To release an object and watch them roll through the room is a thing babies have loved since forever. A simple ball is often enough to satisfy these needs, but if you want to be more advanced, a small car track can be a great idea for a cHristmas gift.

Bobles Crocodile 18cm

9 - Tumbling toys

Tumbling toys are made from compact foam rubber that can easily be used to make a baby-friendly obstacle course. Crawl up on, sit on, slide down from - with no risk whatsoever from hurting yourself on sharp corners or hard edges.

BRIO Dachshund 30332

10 - Pull toy

Just as much as we adults enjoy walking our dogs, so to do little children like to walk their toys. A simple pull toy can bring so much joy to the little ones when they realise they can grab on to the string and make the little critter follow them around wherever they go.

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