Updated 6 December 2021

10 fun Christmas gifts for children in junior school

Contrary to popular belief, children in junior school are not very hard to shop Christmas gifts for. Often the wish lists are long and are comprised of a blend of the stuff that their older siblings want (phone covers and YouTuber merch) and stuff that has always been there (Lego sets, Barbie dolls and board games).

10 fun Christmas gifts for children in junior school

Since interests can very so much for children at this age, it might be fun to give different kinds of Christmas gifts. Both the stuff that's perceived as cool and a bit more advanced technology-wise. But also the things that give them a reason do commit more to play, in the same way, that smaller children do.

Ryze Tello

1 - Drones

To fly a drone somehow feels like holding the future in your hands, and is hugely entertaining. There are drones in all price ranges, but considering the high risk of it being caught by the wind or being lost after crashing in the woods, we recommend that you pick a more reasonably priced model if it is meant as a Christmas gift to a junior school child.

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Lego Ludo Game 40198

2 - Board games

When the children are old enough to lose, but still have fun, then board games all of a sudden becomes a much more enjoyable family activity. This Christmas, there are probably few people who have missed the worldwide success of the TW show Lego Masters. So why not combine board games with Lego?

Nintendo Switch Lite - Grey

3 - Video games

Video games are an expensive gift, but if you and a few relatives pool in on it, the joy of getting the top thing on the wish list might compensate for there being a bit fewer gifts under the tree this year. To get your own game console could be the beginning of many hours of fun gaming!

Barbie Malibu House

4 - Barbie

In many children's rooms, there are one or several Barbie dolls, not rarely with a wardrobe of clothes and accessories. One way to gather everything for the Barbie doll and give away a large, much appreciated Christmas gift is to give away a Barbie house!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire

5 - NERF

Say what you will about toy guns, children tend to love them! And the most popular one is probably NERF-guns. With the right rules, a NERF game within the family could actually turn into something fun. Make sure that all involved parties are equally equipped, establish a safe zone for those who want to opt-out, no shooting at the head, and then - go!

Smart Pixelator

6 - Beads

To play with beads is a very creative form of entertainment. For the child who feels fed up with the classic plastic beads, creating small pixelated images can be the next discovery waiting around the corner and fits well with the times, as well.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955

7 - Lego

No Christmas is complete without a Lego set to unpack on Christmas morning and then build for hours while you eat tons of sweets and various Christmas dishes. The best thing is, there's a Lego set for everyone!

Schleich Riding Centre with Rider Horses & Accessories 42344

8 - Horses

To give away a real horse for Christmas seems both expensive and a lot of work. But for the child who loves horse and riding, a playset in the form of a stable could be a welcome Christmas gift. The horse toys from Schleich are endlessly popular during the Christmas shopping season and are of very high quality.

Galt Body Lab

9 - Science experiment kits

It's in the human nature to experiment, and if there's anyone who's really curious, then it's, of course, the children. Fortunately, the selection of science experiment kits is quite big. Do you want to make your own putty, play nutty professor, program a robot or maybe create unique crystals? There is an experiment kit for every child!

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