Updated 6 December 2021

What's best? A fake or a real Christmas tree

Having a Christmas tree is an old tradition, but grew in popularity during Queen Victoria's reign in the 1800's. Today Christmas looks the same in many aspects, however many have chosen to forego the traditional pine tree for its plastic cousin. This gives rise to some interesting questions, is it environmentally friendly to have a tree or is the plastic tree a better option?

What's best? A fake or a real Christmas tree

Who reigns supreme - real or fake?

That plastic is worse than natural material might feel like a given. So when it comes to Christmas trees is it actually better to buy a new tree annually or should you invest in a plastic tree that will actually be re-used for many years to come. The answer is actually quite clear.

According to Swedish Society for Nature Conservation "The worst thing for the environment is the plastic tree, even if you use it for many years. The overall effect on the environment - when you consider production, transportation along with the amount of poisonous chemicals that are released in the deterioration or disposing process is most significant with the the plastic tree.

Be environmentally conscious when choosing a tree

If you have your own land or permission from a landowner to cut down a tree this is if course a great option. But for everyone else who needs to buy a Christmas tree there are a few things to bear in mind - and ask about before you take home your tree.

  1. Shop locally, avoid having to travel to buy a tree especially during the current circumstances it also saves on emissions.
  2. Certain types of trees are more eco friendly than others (ask your local vendor about this.)
  3. Avoid trees that have been imported from overseas.
  4. Opt for a potted tree that you can either return or plant in your garden and keep for the coming year.

Choose the right Christmas tree stand

It's also important to choose the right Christmas tree stans. Decide what is most important for you - do you want a stylish stand, a cheap one or simply one that is easy to assemble?

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