Updated 2 December 2021

Top list: Stylish jogging bottoms in different styles

Jogging bottoms are just as comfortable at home on the couch as they are after your workout. Here are some popular models.

Top list: Stylish jogging bottoms in different styles

Wearing loungewear doesn’t mean you’re not well dressed. With a pair of stylish jogging bottoms, you can spend time on the couch or in town. The type of bottoms you should look for depends on your personal style and body shape, but there are plenty of models to suit most people. If you want a slightly more expensive look, there are more exclusive models that typically use better or more sustainably produced materials, and if you want an entire set, there are many clothing brands that have matching sweatshirts or hoodies. Here you can see some popular models that we like. Check them out to see if you can find a new wardrobe favourite!

adidas Essentials Solid Pants - Medium Grey Heather

Adidas Essentials Solid Pants

Adidas Essentials Solid Pants have a slim, narrow design with tapered legs and ribbed cuffs at the ankles. They are made of sweatshirt fabric in a mixture of 52% cotton and 48% recycled polyester, which gives a nice, soft, comfortable feel. The waist has a soft elastic with a drawstring and there are two open pockets without a zip. Essentials Solid Pants are available in heather grey or black.

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Palm Angels Classic Track Pants - Pink

Palm Angels Classic Track Pants – Pink

These jogging bottoms from Palm Angels have a normal fit and stylish details with contrasting coloured strips on the side and a short zip on the leg ends. The soft, wide elastic at the waist makes for a comfortable pair of jogging bottoms with an attractive fall in the legs. These Italian made bottoms are made of 100% polyester. Jogging bottoms for those who want a slightly more exclusive feeling in their casual attire.

Fruit of the Loom Classic Elasticated Cuff Jog Pants - Black

Fruit of the Loom Classic Elasticated Cuff Jog Pants

Fruit of the Loom Classic have created stylish jogging bottoms and sweatshirts for decades. These trousers in 80% cotton and 20% polyester have a normal fit in a simple and comfortable design with elastic both at the waist and ankles. There are two open pockets on the sides. This model is available in several different colours and has matching sweatshirts for those who want a whole set.

adidas Sportswear Graphic Pants - Multicolor/Wonder White

Adidas Sportswear Graphic Pants

If you’re bored with one-colour jogging bottoms, you may find a new favourite in the colour schemes for these Adidas Sportswear Graphic Pants. These bottoms come in light and dark grey and have a trendy graphic pattern. The trousers are made of a comfortable material mixture of 57% cotton, 30% recycled polyester and 15% recycled cotton and have pockets on the sides.

Kenzo Sport Big X Joggers - Black

Kenzo Sport Big X Joggers

For those who like to feel a little dressed up even in loungewear, this model from Kenzo is a good buy. Sport Big X Joggers are slightly more exclusive jogging bottoms in black with the Kenzo logo as an X on one leg. The trousers have a narrow fit and a slightly higher waist. The material is a soft cotton blend, there are two open pockets on the sides and a back pocket with a zip.

Three tips when buying jogging bottoms

  1. Think about where you will use them. Jogging bottoms for sitting around on a sofa might not be suited to tough workouts and vice versa. Buy bottoms adapted to your activity.

  2. Are there any pockets? If you’re used to having pockets in your jogging bottoms, life can become a little more complicated when they disappear.

  3. Check the material. If you feel the cold, buy a pair with a warm lining. Choose recycled or organic materials if you’re environmentally conscious.

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