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Top list: Fashionable Wellington boots for rainy days

Sara Assadi

Wellington boots that keep your feet dry and also look good are a real lifesaver when it’s pouring down. We have gathered wellington boots for women and men that are both stylish and functional.

Top list: Fashionable Wellington boots for rainy days

Feeling good even when the weather is horrible is really important – and boots can help you do that even if their most important function is keeping your feet dry. Depending on the activity, there are lots of different models of Wellington boots to choose from. If you’re in the urban environment or an office, you may want a neater boot with a lower shaft, but if you often walk the dog in the woods, then a pair of sturdy boots is a better idea.

Here are seven different boots that work perfectly for all kinds of activities in the wet!

Hunter Original Chelsea Boots - Black

Hunter Original Chelsea Boots

Have you ever wanted the same kind of boots as the Hollywood stars? Then Hunter are the boots for you! A slightly more exclusive rubber boot that works just as well on a rainy day in Beverly Hills as it does when you pick up the kids from nursery or go out for a walk with the dog. This low model has a stylish design with the Hunter logo on the front. They get plus points for the traction strap at the back edge and the elastic material at the ankle that makes it easier to put the boots on.

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Hunter Original Back Adjustable W - Black

Hunter Original Back Adjustable

A tall model from British company Hunter, whose designers are very good at combining functionality with elegance. This boot has a slightly more exclusive design and that’s probably why they are often seen on celebrities around the world. The Hunter Original model has a low heel and a high shaft that’s adjustable at the back for a better fit at the calf.

Viking Noble - Black

Viking Noble

The name suggests that this isn’t a boot that should be used to wade around in sloppy farmyards, although of course it’s perfectly suitable for that as well. Viking Noble are elegant low-heeled boots with a sturdy sole and comfortable insole. The insole can be removed and dried if necessary. These boots are made of lightweight rubber, which makes them feel both light and flexible on the foot.

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO - Green/Bronze

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO

A pair of handmade Wellington boots designed to counteract tired feet during long days. The neoprene lining, which is found in both the shaft and the sole, insulates well against the cold and keeps the foot warm all the way down to -20° C. The special sole is also intended to counteract fatigue and Aigle markets its Parcours model as a boot suited for really long hikes or extra long walks with the dog.

Things to consider before buying Wellington boots

  1. How far will you walk? Some boots protect very well against moisture, but are quite clumsy and heavy for longer walks. Choose a pair that matches your everyday life.

  2. Do the boots also need to be stylish? Your feet can be both dry and good looking nowadays. Choose a lower model, for example, in the Chelsea style if you want to avoid the farming look.

  3. Do you feel the cold? If you’re going to use the boots in very cold weather, choose a lined model or pick a larger size so you can wear thick socks.

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