Top list – good-looking baseball caps

A stylish baseball cap saves you from a bad hair day, keeps the sun away from your eyes and can be the ideal finishing touch to your outfit. Here are seven stylish caps you’re sure to love.

Top list – good-looking baseball caps

Sporty, classically elegant or with an outdoor feel – baseball caps are always in vogue and they can be used in very many different contexts. Regardless of whether you need something that keeps away sun and sweat when you’re working out or if you want to look your best at a party, there’s a baseball cap that will suit you.

Here we have a top list that includes some of the most popular models in online shopping right now.

Patagonia P-6 Logo Trucker Hat - Black

2. Patagonia P-6 Logo Trucker Hat

The outdoor brand Patagonia has become really trendy and their products are found not only in outdoor departments but have also reached the more hip clothing and interior design stores. In addition, the brand makes an effort to protect the environment, as several of their caps are made from their own “NetPlus” material, which consists of 100% recycled fishing nets.

With a trucker hat from Patagonia, you keep the sun out of your eyes in style, whether you’re pitching a tent on a mountain slope or going out after work to a noisy cafe in town.

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Ganni Software Heavy Cotton Cap - Sweet Lilac

3. Ganni Software Heavy Cotton Cap

Despite the fact that baseball caps for men and women have a vanishingly small difference in terms of design, different models are still marketed to different target groups. According to Ganni, this is a cap for women, and if you don’t like lilac you can choose the olive green or black version instead.

The cap is a classic baseball model made of organic cotton and with a Velcro attachment at the back to achieve the best fit. The logo on the front means nobody can miss who made the product.

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Puma Metal Cat Cap - Puma Black

5. Puma Metal Cat Cap

If you’re looking for what could best be described as “a completely normal baseball cap”, this is probably the closest thing you’ll find. A black baseball cap without any visible logo, only a small discreet puma sitting above the peak.

The cap has a Velcro attachment for adjusting the fit, a slightly curved peak and works just as well in the gym as on the beach or the city street. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

'47 New York Yankees MVP Cap Sr

7. ‘47 New York Yankees MVP Cap

A cap that could almost be described as iconic, with the logo of New York’s own baseball team, the Yankees. This cap is part of that team's culture, although we suspect that far from everyone who wears it around the world actually cheers them on.

A timeless cap that is as modern today as it was 20 years ago, and with a stylish and simple design that will match with most things in your wardrobe.

3 things to bear in mind when buying a baseball cap

  1. Are you going to be exercising in the cap? Make sure it’s well ventilated so your head doesn’t get too hot. If you’re going to be outdoors, check that it provides good sun protection for your eyes.

  2. Is the cap the right size? It’s possible to adjust most caps where there is a buckle at the back, but it’s also important that the fit works in the innermost or outermost position.

  3. What does the logo say about you? Many caps have logos from different brands, companies and organisations. If you don’t mind wearing a logo, check what company is behind it, so you know what you’re advertising.

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