Choosing products to review

In an ideal world we at PriceRunner would test every product on our website, but with millions of listed products it would be quite difficult. Our product experts are instead focused on testing a selection of products that they already know are of a good standard, so that you then can select the products that fit your needs the best.

Deciding factors

There are many different factors that are considered when choosing which products to test. Here are some of the most significant ones:

  • Products that will be on the market for a longer period of time

    An important factor that we take into account when choosing products is whether or not the product will be around for a while. Since our tests do take some time to conduct, we try to avoid testing products the frequently change. We want our tests to be valuable to you in your buying journey, which they won’t be if the product already has changed or sold out by the time you read the test.

  • The product is available online

    Since PriceRunner is an online service, we naturally focus mainly on products that are being sold online. We will of course make an exception if the product in question is very popular, but in general we want all products we test to be available for everyone, regardless of location.

  • We evaluate the top contenders

    You may have noticed that we sometimes use multiple models from the same manufacturer in our tests? This is simply done because this manufacturer offers the best or most interesting products within the chosen category. We do additionally think it’s particularly interesting to compare these models to one another, simply to find out which model by this manufacturer is actually the best.

  • The product is readily available!

    Beyond the previously stated factors, the relationship with different manufacturers is crucial to our tests. We need to be able to get a hold of the products we are going to test, that’s why we work in close conjunction with many different manufacturers and sometimes even distributors and independent shops. At the same time this does of course not mean that we favour certain shops or brands. In many cases we will actually buy in the products ourselves to be able to conduct a fair test.

Our tests: Independent, current and alive!

For us at PriceRunner there is no such thing as a completed test. Our philosophy is that our test should always be up to date, which means that they will continuously be updated even after being published. We may for example not discover a problem with a product until after the test has been published, in that case we will immediately update the test. We want our test to be up to date and that’s why we are also particular about removing products that are no longer available for online purchase.

Suggestions of products you want us to test?

Our product experts are passionate about their job and are always looking for new products to test. That’s why we love feedback on existing tests as well as suggestions of which products we should try next. Leave a comment in the comment section which you can find at the bottom of every test!

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