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How does it work?

The majority of retailers send us a file with their prices and products that PriceRunner then updates at least once a day. If you cannot create such a file, PriceRunner is able to automatically collect your prices once a day, without you having to do anything.

What does it cost?

You decide your costs on PriceRunner yourself. All retailers can set a monthly budget, which means you always have control over your outgoings. You pay for each click (CPC) which allows a visitor to be sent to your site. Contact us for a more specific price proposal.

Get listed for free

PriceRunner also lists retailers which are not customers of PriceRunner. However, customers get almost all of the traffic from PriceRunner visitors who are willing to buy. But all retailers are welcome to display their prices on PriceRunner.

Are you interested in displaying your shop and products on PriceRunner? If so, then please contact us via email.

Admin page for existing customers

On your own admin page you can, among other things, get an overview of your click statistics, administering bidding and creating various types of reports.