Impartial product reviews

The PriceRunner philosophy is that our users should not only be able to compare prices but should also be able to compare product features with one another. Because no matter how good the price is, it won’t matter if the product itself doesn’t live up to your expectations. That’s why we conduct product testing, so that we can help you along the way on your online shopping journey.

Over 200 tests

Our tests are also there to help narrow down the selection of products, making it easier for you to find the products that fit you and your needs the best. Our tests are divided into different product categories. At this moment we have over 200 conducted tests and thousands of tested products.

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Trustworthy test results

Our tests are 100% independent.

That means that we do not have any sponsored tests or collaborations with manufacturers or retailers. No matter what, you cannot buy your way into our tests. The selection of products is made by our knowledgeable product experts. They include products they believe to be relevant to the test. The rating of products is done by our knowledgeable tester or panel of testers, who are all also independent. This ensures you as a consumer that you can trust that the test results are genuine and accurate.

Manufacturers can never affect the result

Sometimes we will test multiple products from the same manufacturer. In these cases, the manufacturer has not bought their place in the test in any way. It simply means that we think that this manufacturer has the best or most relevant products within the chosen category. The choice of products is entirely based on our product expertise and what we have previously tested. We do then think that it is interesting to compare models with one another, to find out which product is the very best.

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