Membership Levels and Achievements

Go all the way from level 1 to level 10 by sharing your shopping experiences and reviewing products! As a PriceRunner member, you earn points for all your contributions on the site. The more you can help others to find the right products and make the best deals, the more points you earn! Together we can create UK’s largest knowledge base for everyone who wants to make the best product and price comparisons.

Membership Levels

How to earn points

It's easy to earn points. You do this by being logged in as a PriceRunner member and continuously writing reviews, commenting on and interacting with other members through questions and likes on their contributions.

Write a Review

For each product review you write, you earn points. By evaluating products and leaving reviews, you can help other members make better purchases.

You can also review shops. Tip other members about which shops you think provide the best service or share your experiences about shops that don't keep what they promise.

Questions & Answers

You can ask questions to other members who’ve reviewed products and shops. And others can comment on your reviews. You'll get an email from us when it happens, so you don't miss the opportunity to leave a different answer when someone is considering an upcoming purchase. Here you can see which unanswered questions there exist.


Show other members your appreciation when they've written something you find helpful by liking their comments and reviews.


Badges are achievements you can receive when you perform certain actions on the site. Some badges you’ll get when you do something for the first time. Other badges have several levels. The more reviews you publish or the more questions you answer, the higher level badge you can receive. All your achievements are collected on your profile. Others can also see which badges you’ve collected so far.

All Membership Levels

There are a total of 10 levels, and the higher level you’re on, the more help you’ve been to others.

Level 1 (0-49 points)

At the first level, everything is still completely new. Start by searching for some of your favourite products and tell others why these are products you cannot live without.

Level 2 (50-149 points)

At level 2 you start to master the basics functions and probably understand more of how the site is built. You have also written your first review, thanks a lot for that!

Level 3 (150-349 points)

At level 3 you have had the time to write a few reviews. Please remember to like other members’ reviews if you feel that their contributions are helpful and written in a good and detailed way.

Level 4 (350-749 points)

Don't forget that as a PriceRunner member, you can also review shops. At level 4, it’s time to share your shopping experiences with other members so they have a better basis for selecting stores to shop at.

Level 5 (750-1 499 points)

At level 5 you are an experienced PriceRunner member who actively helps other members to do the best product and price comparisons. Don’t hesitate to leave both positive and negative reviews so other members can learn from the mistakes you might have made.

Level 6 (1 500-2 999 points)

Now you are at level 6 and are one of PriceRunner’s more experienced reviewers. So, with a double-digit number of reviews with your name on, your username may be recognized by other members.

Level 7 (3 000-5 999 points)

At level 7 we find the members who are passionate about product and reviews. Of course, it will be great if you have a moment to help new members by commenting and liking their contributions on the site.

Level 8 (6 000-11 999 points)

At this level, you have probably found your niche, and perhaps you are PriceRunner's expert in kitchen accessories, portable speakers or something third? At level 8, you have undoubtedly managed to help many other members to make better purchases. Well done!

Level 9 (12 000-23 999 points)

At level 9, there is no better and more descriptive word to use than ‘expert’! Everything you have published and commented across the site means that other members looking for information prior to a purchase now have even more facts to base their purchase on. Your contributions make a difference. Great work!

Level 10 (24 000+ points)

Wow, you've reached level 10! With hundreds of reviews, comments and several likes from you, we can’t do more than thank you for all your contributions. PriceRunner strives to be UK’s largest and best comparison service of prices and products, and members like you really support that mission. Thank you!