Meet our product experts

Are you curious as to who it is that actually conducts the hundreds of product tests on PriceRunner? Here you can read more about the team behind PriceRunner’s independent tests!

Anna Lavfors

PriceRunner’s child- & baby expert

Anna meet team Anna is PriceRunners very own child and baby expert, and there is probably not a single question on the subject she can’t answer. She is also responsible for testing toasters, kettles and weighted blankets. She has worked with a few tests since 2014, that’s because new products are always being released and developed. As technology advances new features are added that need to be taken into consideration when determining the test winner. That’s why she never thinks she’ll tire of her job.

More about Anna

PriceRunner’s tests of pushchairs and pushchair accessories has a special place in Anna’s heart. Not only getting to test and evaluate the products but also getting to share the results. In the last 12 years she has pushed more than 200 pushchairs, and she never ceases to be amazed at how lovely it is when there’s a proper push in the pushchair.

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Katarina Stenskytt

PriceRunners health- & beauty expert

Kattis meet team Katarina is PriceRunners very own beauty guru, she is responsible for all our tests within the categories of beauty and health. She has years of experience with beauty and has tested and reviewed beauty products since 2006. At PriceRunner she has done it since 2018. Besides a passion for beauty and health, she also has a burning interest for waffle makers and BBQ thermometers.

More about Katarina

There is nothing that makes Katarina happier than finding a mascara that doesn’t run, or a deodorant that actually delivers on what it promises. A massive amount of cosmetics is sold in the UK on a day to day basis. Katarina is passionate about helping the consumers find the right product from the start so that they don’t have to waste time, money or our environment through wrong purchases.

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Daniel Hessel

PriceRunners tech expert

Daniel meet team There is no tech related question that our tech wiz Daniel can’t answer. He is responsible for PriceRunner’s test of tech products and he tests everything from big TV-screens, to smaller gadgets such as mobile phones and step counters. Beyond being a tech enthusiast, he is also responsible for testing protein powders and frying pans.

More about Daniel

According to Daniel it’s impossible to tire of testing tech products since product development happens at a roaring speed. Daniel has extensive experience in the industry and he appreciates that he has been given a front row seat to the development of the tech industry. According to him he is, quote ”an old dog” and has been around since the peak of Nokia, when OLED was a fantastical fantasy and when the running watches came with a loose GPS-puck that had to join you in your pocket on your runs.

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Elina Blom

PriceRunner’s garden & tools expert

Elina meet team If you need some tips on finding the best lawn mower or what to think about when buying a hedge trimmer, then Elina is the person to ask! She is responsible for PriceRunner’s test of tools and garden machines. Besides that, she is also responsible for certain home electronics, she tests among others; Bluetooth speakers and computers. Many of Elina’s tests require long testing periods since she wants to have time to discover problems only apparent with time. She has for example tested more than 30 different robotic lawn mowers under the past few years and with new technology the models just keep getting more and more interesting.

More about Elina

What drives Elina’s to do her work is being able to guide consumers and to help them make great purchases. Since a big part of her product category is made up of more expensive products, she understands that a wrong purchase can be unfortunate for many. Thanks to her expertise and interest in machines and tech items, she can be an invaluable resource to help you make the right decision when you’re looking to make a purchase within these categories.

Read some of Elina’s tests!

Patrik Persson

Editor på PriceRunner

Patrik meet team Patrik mainly works with writing product descriptions, but beyond that he also conducts some of PriceRunner’s tests. Some of his work includes updating existing texts but he will also do some new tests. Toasters, travel bags and air conditioners are only some of the tests he has been involved in.

More about Patrik

For Patrik the user experience is central, he simply put wants the PriceRunner users to have the best possible experience when using our website. His work with writing product descriptions aims at giving you as the user, the information that you need to quickly be able to decide if the product does or does not fit with what you’re looking for. The PriceRunner tests work in the same way, it’s all about giving you as the user the information that you need to find the perfect product that fits your needs.

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Brian Sommer

PriceRunners home electronics expert

brian meet team Brian is one of PriceRunner’s Danish editors, and he is responsible for among others, test of coffee machines, irons, weather stations and electric scooters. He additionally dedicates a large portion of the Christmas season towards testing “æbleskivepander” in which you prepare the Danish specialty æbleskiver in. Brian also makes sure that there are relevant products in both the Swedish and Danish tests.

More about Brian

Brian is very curious and is keen on testing new things. He is passionate about examining and evaluating product properties, and he enjoys sharing the result with others. For him it’s not only important to make it simpler but also more entertaining for you as a user to find the perfect product.

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Tobias Jacobsson

Head of PriceRunner’s test editorial staff

Tobias meet team Tobias is a real vacuum cleaner nerd and has throughout the years tested a massive amount of vacuum cleaners, but he has now handed over the oars to his very experienced colleagues. Today he instead spends most of his time leading the test editorial staff.

More about Tobias

Even though having hobbies is nothing unusual, Tobias has taken his interests to the extreme. His passion for vacuum cleaners is so great that he actually has applied for and been granted a patent for a vacuum lock for mop vacuum cleaners. In Tobias household there is beyond a significant other and two kids, not one, not two, not three, but as many as for vacuum cleaners at his disposal.

Read some of Tobias’s tests!

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