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Samsung UE28J4100

Samsung UE28J4100

Screen Size: 28" Display: LED, Resolution: 1366x768, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Smart TV: No, Screen Design: Flat
From £219.99 to £249.95
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    From £220
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Popular, but distinctly entry-level, with a price to reflect that

Perhaps you’re a student, looking for a second TV for a guest room, or simply don’t want to want to break the bank for a television. If so you’d do well to consider the entry-level Samsung UE28J4100.

When you’re shopping on a budget you can’t expect the latest screen technology. There’s no 4K compatibility, nor is it full HD. Having said that the UE28J4100 has a pretty decent, if not spectacular, picture – one that is perhaps a shade above those of its direct competitors. Colour in particular comes through well and the contrast is sharp. And if you want to get the best out of the screen you should use the HDMI ports with your other devices.

The sound on the UE28J4100 is fairly lacklustre, with just the two 6W speakers. It struggles particularly with the low notes, rumbling and rattling away when the heavy strings kick in while watching your favourite horror film. But with DTS Premium surround sound and Dolby Digital Plus there’s plenty of scope to improve with the addition of a soundbar or a home cinema system – something we’d strongly recommend.

The UE28J4100 comes with a nicely ergonomic remote control and navigating the menu system and channel surfing is quick and painless. It comes with inbuilt Freeview HD but no Freesat HD. The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) is user-friendly and quick, but on the flipside there are just two HDMI ports and one USB port. With no PVR you won’t be able to pause and record live TV and overall this TV is very light on features.

What’s hot:

  • Above average picture for the price
  • Simple setup
  • Inexpensive

What’s not:

  • Sound could be better
  • Restricted viewing angle
  • Pretty basic

Why you should buy it: It’s not exactly going to sweep up many industry awards but this is a serviceable little TV for a very low price – and it seems to be popular with UK buyers.

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