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Melitta Avanza Bean to Cup Coffee Maker Automatic

Melitta Avanza Bean to Cup Coffee Maker Automatic

The Melitta Avanza Series 600 Mystic Titan Bean to Cup Coffee Machine may be one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market it is packed to the brim with innovative features. With a fresh, newly developed control panel it is easy to use. Choose from espresso, cafe creme, latte macchiato or cappuccino with adjustable coffee strength and grind settings. The Avanza's steel cone grinder is exceptionally quiet and will grind coffee quickly and efficiently straight from the 250g bean container. An extra-large 1.5 litre water tank means less time spent refilling whilst the Easy Cappuccinatore (integrated milk system) can create a host of coffee specialities. The Avanza Bean to Cup Coffee Machine features a new pump control to ensure the ideal contact time between water and coffee, resulting in better developed flavours and enhanced aromatic coffee enjoyment. Flavour is further enhanced by the Aroma Extraction System which moistens the freshly ground coffee before the brewing process. A double cup mode allows you to make two cups of coffee at the same time, or twice the amount of coffee in one cup if you require a longer drink. The coffee outlet is height-adjustable (up to 135mm) allowing the use of larger mugs or glasses. Other clever touches include a newly designed drip tray with stainless steel drip plate with an anti-scratch plastic insert; removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and a programmable energy-saving mode. When a clean or descale is required the Melitta Avanza will alert you, ensuring optimum performance of the machine is maintained. Automatic cleaning and descaling is accessed via a service button which also allows you to alter brewing temperature, water hardness settings and the auto-off feature. If a Melitta Pro Aqua Water Filer is used (available separately) this automatic coffee machine may only need to be descaled once a year (depending on water hardness and the amount the machine is used). As well as cutting down on limescale t...

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