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IBIS: Electric water kettle 1.5 l, 51 oz

IBIS: Electric water kettle 1.5 l, 51 oz

About the IBIS Electric Kettle One of our most classic products, the IBIS electric kettle offers style and performance in your kitchen. With black detailing, this stainless steel kettle has a premium feel that youll be proud to display on your kitchen worktop. It wont disappoint on performance, either. With an energy-efficient rapid boil and clear water scale so you only boil the amount required, its ideal when you want to kick-start your morning with that all-important coffee or invite over family and friends for a tea and chat. With a host of useful features such as integrated cord storage to keep your countertop tidy and a removable, washable filter to prevent limescale tainting your cuppa, this is one of the best silver kettles for all-round performance and undisputed style. Main Features & Benefits Classic stainless steel kettle. Energy-efficient rapid boil. Clear water scale, so you only boil the exact amount of water required. Removable filter in the spout that prevents limescale from entering your cup and tainting the taste of your freshly brewed cuppa. Indicator light shows when the kettle is operating. Manual on/off switch with automatic shut-off when the kettle reaches boiling point. Covered heating element for easy cleaning. Cordless kettle for convenience. Integrated cord storage to keep your kitchen worktop nice and tidy. Use & Care Before using the electric kettle for the first time, fill to the MAX with cold water, boil, and discard. Clean regularly to prevent limescale build up. The kettle can be cleaned with a descaling product, and the exterior wiped with a damp cloth. How It Works Remove the stainless steel kettle from its base and fill to the required level. Place back on the base and switch on the power switch. The indicator light turn on while the kettle is boiling and it switches off automatically when the water boils.

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Multifunctional Electric hot Water Automatic hot Water Kettle Electric Kettle 1L@red

Multifunctional Electric hot Water Automatic hot Water Kettle Electric Kettle 1L@red

★ Material safety: 100% food grade inside, ensuring that no plastic will come into contact with hot water, bringing you cleaner, healthier drinking water and no harmful substances. The electric kettle is perfect for those looking for a safe and reliable teapot. ★ Quick boiling water and automatic closing design: This electric kettle will quickly boil water in a few minutes, saving you time and energy, helping you prepare breakfast and afternoon tea faster; quiet boiling technology makes it open The busy family and the love of those who value peace and quiet! ★ Boiling and drying protection: This electric kettle will automatically turn off when the water is boiled, ensuring safety and saving electricity. If you accidentally let the kettle run without water, the boil dry protection will automatically turn off. You don't have to worry about safety when the kettle is running. ★ Easy to clean and use: You only need to turn on the switch button to boil water, and enjoy a comfortable hot drink quickly. The electric kettle can be rinsed directly with water for easy cleaning. ★ 100% Satisfaction: This electric kettle will save you time and enjoy hot drinks. If you like this hot water bottle, you can click the “Add to Cart” button. If you have any questions during this period, please contact customer service in time to give you 100% satisfaction!, Manufacturer: lizubing

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AWK-1400SB 1.7L Electric Water Kettle Stainless Steel

AWK-1400SB 1.7L Electric Water Kettle Stainless Steel

Our mission is to provide consumers with life-enriching experiences by offering houseware products and services which surpass traditional functionality and value, with special emphasis on value engineering. In an industry driven by constant change and by exchanging quality for lower cost, we believe a set of core principles is essential to maintaining our standards and providing our customers with products that are innovative, unique, and valuable. Our ultimate goal is not just to provide our customers with products, but with life enriching experiences which consequently bring greater harmony to the world we share. We aspire to make Aroma an organization with a unique character and a true sense of mission. We create designs that are simple, sensible, and beautiful. We endeavor to improve the lives of our customers in ways that go beyond function to include aesthetics and great kitchen experiences. We manufacture products that are safe, ergonomic, durable, easy to use, performance-oriented, and practical. We work to ensure that our products are the best products for our customers. We design a pricing structure for our products and services that reflects the best possible value. We offer products that make work easier, improve the quality of life, bring friends and families closer together, and to foster love, joy, and beauty in life. FeaturesAroma 1.7 liter/7cups capacity.One-touch operation.Trigger-release lidCordless pouringAutomatic shut-offBoil-dry protectionCord storageIndicator lightStainless steel housingWater level window.1500Watts/120 Volts.
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