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Gaming Professional PC i9 9900k 16GB RTX2070

Gaming Professional PC i9 9900k 16GB RTX2070

Sheer Power A true power house of professional performance PC available now. Designed around being able to deliver performance when you need it. Quiet and cool when tasks are less demanding to insane performance when your playing your AAA game titles. Intel have delivered with the i9 9900k This is the place for gaming heaven. With 8 cores and 16 threads and core clock speed of 3.6Ghz to 5.0Ghz . This is a true monster processor all this at only 95w. Power and efficiency for you the designer, accountant, engineer. Combining Components and Creating a gaming monster! When you are investing in a PC that can handle heavy duty gaming workouts over a long period of time you look for reliability to match the performance. There are no shortcuts here no compromise in delivering a powerhouse ready to take on any task. Our gaming range of Zi-Clone PC's go through demanding tests. Looking for any small defect that gets eliminated to deliver a professional finish. Working with the best technology companies in the business has allowed Zi-Clone to choose the pick of the components. With a NVMe M.2 500GB Samsung 970 as the OS drive and 2TB for data storage 16GB of RAM and the cooling from CoolerMaster this is a beauty. With the fantastic Intel i9 9900k. The jewel in the crown? Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2070 8GB . Big brands are only part of the equation when building a performance PC. We build our PC's with high quality airflow and super cable management. Crafted with care your PC will look and perform like a legend. Operating System (Windows): No Operating System – If you require an operating system please select one beneath the price and above the add to cart button. When you select an operating system we will install the Windows and all required drivers and software so your computer is ready to use out the box with no additional essential set up required. You only pay the cost of the software, ***WE INSTALL AND SET UP THE COMPUTER FREE OF CHARGE AS PART OF OUR COMMITTMENT TO QUALITY ...
£2,012.20incl. shipping
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