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Garmin vivoactive 3 slate Wearables


Garmin Vívoactive® 3 GPS Smartwatch (Slate) Watches

Garmin Vívoactive® 3 GPS Smartwatch (Slate) Watches

Sport Modes The watch comes preloaded with 15 different sport apps that include biking, snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding, rowing, swimming, running etc. Each app comes with a specific watch face that provides you with the most appropriate metrics for that particular sport. The Vivoactive 3 uses GPS to track every step of your movement whether it’s your strokes when swimming, your strides when running, or your speed when cycling. Activity Proof Built for use as part of an active lifestyle the watch comes with a robust and weather-resistant design that can withstand your high-performance training sessions. The watch face is built of Gorilla Glass which is ultra-strong and protects against high impact, abrasions and moisture. The silicon watch band also is extremely durable and completely waterproof with a quick release system that allows you to swap the band over when wear and tear, eventually, take place. Heart Rate One of the most reliable and indicative metrics of physical fitness is shown in your heartbeat. The Vivoactive 3 therefore comes with a convenient and fully integrated heart rate monitor which is built into the wrist of the watch. This take away the necessity for annoying additional chest or arm-band based heart rate sensors. Your real-time heart rate will show on your watch screen. The information can give you key insight into your general fitness levels, whether your training is pushing you far enough, or if you’re overreaching. Connectivity For even more modes, customisable options, and to help share and track your data the Vivoactive watch comes with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ capability. You can therefore sync the watch to your smartphone or tablet device for fully access to Garmin Connect, other Garmin Apps, and third party sporting apps. Once connected you can also receive your smartphone notifications to the watch face such as: text messages, call alerts, social media notifications and more. Garmin Pay This is the first watch by Garmin that...

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