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Hoover condenser tumble dryer


Hoover DXC10DG-80 10kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer - White

Hoover DXC10DG-80 10kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer - White

Real Care For Delicate FabricsThe most delicate fabrics such as wool and cashmere will keep their natural softness and brightness thanks to the gentle and precise motion and sophisticated temperature management system provided by the appliance. Approved by Woolmark. Maximum Loads Maximum CareThe rounded shape of the drum moves the garments delicately protecting them from strong mechanical vibrations. The warm air goes through the rounded surface evenly creating a cushion effect for more uniform drying also for the bulkiest loads. Excellent Dry PerformanceWhatever the size of garment you to put in to your dryer from the smallest and most delicate items to your large curtains Hoover dryers will treat them with the maximum care and delicacy giving you the best efficiency. This is possible thanks to the special cycles made to dry both small and bulky loads limiting also the formation of tangles. Each Fabric Has Its Own Drying LevelHoover takes care of your garments and your energy consumption too taking advantage of the new Active Sensor. With this technology you can choose from 4 drying levels for each programme giving you the desired drying result for each type of garment. Condenser Tumble DryerCondenser dryer machines separate water from the moist air inside the dryer into a container that needs to be emptied after drying. If you are not able to fit an external vent or not sited near a window then condenser dryers are more flexible. No More Waste Of Time For Setting ProgramsIf you are looking for an ally who helps you pushing the timeline maintaining a great performance/efficiency you can count on Hoover the new dryers can memorize a setting for every drying cycle in order to get the best combination of the functions provided by the machine. In this way the user can just select the chosen program and let the dryer do all the rest. The results of the drying cycle will be incredibly amazing Multiple Fabrics All In One Drying CycleFeel free to mix synthetics with cot...
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