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Wd cloud NAS Servers


Synology DS115J 8TB 1 x 8TB WD RED HDD

Synology DS115J 8TB 1 x 8TB WD RED HDD

Compactlightweightand energy-efficientDS115j is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simpleyet feature-rich NAS server. Easily back up documentsmonitor live surveillance feedsor build a personal cloud to share files with friends and family.  Product Features Home surveillanceaccessible for all With the Surveillance Station add-on package and two free IP camera licensesDS115j serves as your home surveillance hub. Simply connect multiple IP cameras to the home networkpair them with DS115jand then easily view live surveillance feedsrecord videosor enjoy other advanced features like motion detection or push notifications. Support for thousands of IP cameras makes it easy to find compatible models and brands. Safeguard your homewithout breaking the bank. Backup data in multiple ways No worries about data loss. DS115j is the perfect backup destination for your dataas it supports Windows Backup for Windows userswhereas Mac users enjoy native Time Machine support. You can choose your backup destination to not only be local hard disksbut also connected USB storage devices. AdditionallyBackup and;Replication allows you to schedule backup tasks and restore the server to any particular point in timewhile still minimizing storage consumption and processing time by saving only the specific data block that has been changed between versions. Ultimate file center File Station is a fast and secure feature to share and manage your files stored on DS115j. Just drag-n-drop and you can upload data from Mac or PC. Advanced filters make it easy to search for documentsphotosor videos. You can reach your files on mobile devices via DS file - a dedicated mobile app for file accessmanagementand sharing. HTTPSSSL/TSL encryptionand link expiry dates also ensure file sharing over the Internet at a high security level. The most compatible sharing Enjoy seamless files sharing across WindowsMacand Linux platforms as DS115j offers comprehensive network protocol support including...
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