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The best action cameras of 2019

By PriceRunner Updated 02/14/2019

We have tested action cameras and name GoPro Hero4 Black Edition as best in test. It produces pictures of very high quality, despite having a very compact format. There is also a wide range of accessories available for this camera, such as a mount for your bicycle helmet or a waterproof case for when you need to film under water.

How the test was made

We asked an experienced user of action cameras to test the various models in their family activities, taking cameras along to capture holidays and excursions. But our tester also has a very active leisure life, runs often and cycles regularly in a range of terrain. Our tester has used every camera with several different mounts and compared both how they handled and what the results were like.

  • Ease of use: How clear are the enclosed instructions, are the menus and buttons of the action camera easy to understand and use? Can the camera be controlled via apps and remote control?

  • Accessories: What kinds of mount are included with the camera, and which are available to buy? How easy are the accessories to use and how well designed are they?

  • Film and image: How many images per second can the camera take, what are the focus, light and colour reproduction like? What resolution can the action camera take still images at?

Our tester has given every action camera a rating based on these properties, with design and price also affecting the final review.

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Is the action camera the new replacement for both digital cameras and video cameras? Given the pace of product development in recent years, we have every reason to suspect that this is the case. The action camera also has many more uses than its predecessor, and in an even more flexible package. As the name implies, an action camera is a camera that can keep up with you, whatever life has to offer. If you want to use the camera to film your running, on the ski slopes or for capturing your next fishing trip, an action camera can be adjusted to your exact needs.

The functions and features of an action camera can vary from model to model. In our reviews, we have tested everything from attachments and other accessories to the resolution, zoom and how long the action camera’s battery life is. In addition to keeping up with sporting activities, an action camera is ideal for capturing family life or filming your kids or dog playing. The videos can either be saved privately or shared with others on YouTube or social media via Wi-Fi or other connections. You can even transfer them to your iPad, iPhone or other smartphone or tablet.

We also tested the action cameras in our test for their ability to take photos and videos underwater, as many of the cameras are waterproof or can be made waterproof using an accessory. With some cameras, you can choose to shoot with or without fisheye, some have tripods as accessories for more stable operation and still others have a special storage case. Even the range of mounts is extensive for most models. There are camera mounts that you can fit to your helmet, mounts for your bike or for attaching to your chest. You can also fit the action camera to your dog's harness while hunting. We also checked whether the action camera can film in HD, if it’s equipped with GPS, the size and weight of the camera, and whether it has a display screen.

Prices of action cameras vary greatly, from cheap to very expensive, but sometimes you can find special offer prices for even those in the premium price range, making them a more affordable option. To determine which action camera is best, we compared all the models' features and characteristics against each other, and after a long period of testing we nominated one model as best in the test.

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