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The 2 best bedside crib of 2019

ByPriceRunnerUpdated July 19, 2019

1. Babybay Bedside Crib

Stylish bedside cot that can easily be attached to the majority of beds

External dimensions: 84 x 45 cm Bed dimensions: 81 x 42 cm Height: 79 cm Max and min height for bed base without mattress: 7-52 cm Material: Wood Accessories: Mattress, bumper pad, side rail and other parts purchased separately.

Babybay Original

The Babybay Bedside Crib Original is a stylish cot with well-designed functions. The cot is easy to install, with clear instructions showing the order in which the parts should be put together. Despite being made from wood, it's not heavy and can be moved around the home easily. You can also buy casters separately, if you want to make it even easier to move the cot or to raise the bed base a little further. The Babybay is one of few bedside cots that works with all the beds we tested it with. This is partly because it doesn't have legs that stick out beyond the bed base, viewed from above. Bed frames that are solid right down to the ground, such as the IKEA Brimnes, also work for attaching the Babybay to, as the two anchoring hooks can be rotated and hook onto the parents' bed both from above and below. The Babybay can also be firmly attached to a bed that consists of just a sprung mattress base with legs.

The height of the Babybay bed base can be adjusted separately and the smallest permitted measurement between the base and the upper edge of the bed is 27.5 cm. If you raise the bed base more than this, which is completely possible as there are no stops, there's a risk that the child can fall out of the cot. This applies above all when the child is a little older and more mobile. The Babybay Bedside Crib has a half-moon shaped bed base, which means that you have to buy the brand's own mattress for it to fit properly. Over time the screws that hold the cot's hooks to the parents' bed tend to come loose, and may need tightening now and then. However, we first noticed this when the cot had been moved and handled rather roughly. During normal use the cot never came undone. The cot fits a normal sized baby nest and works well for children up to about six months. After this the Babybay feels a bit too restricted and the child's arms and legs tend to hit the bars. But for the early months, the Babybay Bedside Crib is an attractive, safe and clever solution for creating extra sleeping space for the baby in the parents' bedroom.

Attractive designseparately adjustable baseeasy to assemblecan be anchored to many different types of bed
Requires a specific mattress

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2. Chicco Next2Me

Multi-function bedside cot with bed base that can be set on an angle and a lowerable side rail

External dimensions: 93 x 69 cm Bed dimensions: 82 x 50 cm Height: 66-81 cm Max and min height for bed base without mattress: 33-49 cm Material: Aluminium and polyester Accessories: Attachment straps, mattress and storage case

Chicco Next2me Crib

The Chicco Next2Me is a model of bedside cot with a unique design, as the cot has an aluminium frame with textile upholstery. The mattress that's included is substantial, with a hard baseplate but still nice and soft for your baby to lie on. The bed base is generously proportioned, which gives it a longer duration of use. Above all the Next2Me is almost as wide as a normal standard cot. However, Chicco recommend a maximum weight of 9 kg and a maximum age of 6 months. With the help of an easy-to-use catch on each short side, the bed can easily be raised and lowered to six different levels. At the lowest, the bed base is 33 cm from the floor, but you need to add 5 cm for the mattress. The child can be a maximum of 54 cm above floor level. Chicco's recommendation is that there should be a maximum of 2 cm height difference between the child's and the adults' bed. One interesting function is that you can raise the cot at just one end, which is perfect for keeping the child's chest higher when he or she has a cold.

The Next2Me can be used both beside the parents' bed and as a freestanding cot. When you want the side rail down, you simply open the cover with zips and take the frame apart, then fold the edge down and fasten it under the bed base. For this type of use to be safe, the Next2Me must be attached to the parents' bed with the included straps and you should therefore make sure you have a bed frame that you can tie straps around. The support legs on one side of the cot can be folded into ward each other so that there is no gap between the Next2Me and the parents' bed. The Chicco Next2Me is easy to assemble and can be relatively quickly dismantled again. Bearing this in mind, and the fact that it includes a storage case, you can also use the Next2Me as a travel cot. The cot is perhaps not quite as stylish as white painted wood versions can be. But the many intelligent functions outweigh aesthetics and the Chicco Next2Me is a very practical cot for the child's first six months.

Easy to raise and lowerroomy bed basecan be used against parents' bed or freestanding
The textile covering makes the bed more difficult to keep cleanrequires a particular type of bed frame to attach it to the parents' bed

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