Updated 9 March 2022

Top 4 Best Foam rollers of 2022

Top 4 Best Foam rollers of 2022

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1. Casall Tube Roll – BEST CHOICE FOAM ROLLER 2022

Highly efficient trigger roller that goes deep

Surface: Ribbed Length: 34 cm Diameter: 14 cm Weight: 840 g Hardness: Hard Density: 113 kg/m3 Material: EVA, polyethylene and TPE Material inner tube: ABS plastic Colour: Black or orange

Casall Tube Roll

The Casall Tube Roll combines excellent functionality with a reasonable price and we name it best in test. This is a hard foam roller, with a ribbed surface that gives an unusually deep massage, which makes it excellent for really stiff muscles. All over the roller are so-called triggers – square studs that protrude a few centimetres. The studs are quite firm and sit at quite wide intervals. This creates strong pressure points that work at depth, which is perfect for accessing and stimulating stiff muscles. Either immediately after your workout, or the day after when your muscles ache. The Tube Roll is really effective for legs and even more so for your backside. It really feels like you’re getting to the right points and softening things up when you have delayed onset muscle soreness.

The downside of the large gaps between the studs is that you constantly have to reposition the Tube Roll when working on your back. The foam rubber on the surface is relatively soft, but the inside of the roller is made of hard plastic, so it never loses its shape. The surface attracts a certain amount of dust and is awkward to clean due to the studs. Because the Casall Tube Roll has such effective triggers, it can be too powerful for the beginner. Therefore, it’s best suited for experienced users who train with high intensity and who are looking for a highly effective, deep massage.

Powerful triggersprovides deep massagehighly effective on the lower body
Requires frequent repositioningnot easy to clean

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2. Casall PRF Tube Roll Hard

Surface: Ribbed Length: 34 cm Diameter: 14 cm Weight: 750 g Hardness: Hard Density: 113 kg/m3 Material: EVA, polyethylene and TPE Material inner tube: ABS plastic Colour: Various

Casall PRF Tube Roll 34cm

The PRF Tube Roll Hard is a first-class foam roller from Casall. It’s particularly suitable for use before tough workouts as its design allows you to soften up your muscles and so reduce the risk of injury. The roller's hard and roughly ribbed surface is also excellent for recovery massage after a workout because it increases the blood flow in your muscles.

As the name suggests, it consists of firm, coarse studs that effectively access trigger points. The construction, with slightly wider spaces between the studs, means that you must be prepared to change position on the roller a little more often to access your trigger points properly. The PRF Tube Roll Hard is suitable for the whole body but especially good for the slightly larger muscle groups such as your back, buttocks and legs.

The PRF Tube Roll Hard consists entirely of durable materials and despite very frequent use, we couldn’t find any defective or unwanted softness in the roller. Due to its ribbed design, it’s somewhat difficult to wipe clean, which can mean that any sweat or staining is difficult to remove. But that’s probably only really a problem if you intend to share the roller with others. The material isn’t absorbent, however, which means it’s usually sufficient to rinse it off with lukewarm water.

As the slightly larger studs are fairly coarse, they can feel too much for the beginner and it may require training with both technique and breathing before you can really enjoy the massage.

The Casall PRF Tube Roll Hard is primarily aimed at those are looking for deep massage for the larger muscle groups. The product can withstand frequent use and works well both before and after tough workouts.

Durablesubstantial triggers
Difficult to cleanrequires experience to use

3. Hyperice Vyper

Surface: Ribbed Length: 29 cm Diameter: 15 cm Weight: 1,360 g Hardness: Hard Material: Polypropylene Colour: Various

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

The Hyperice Vyper is a premium vibrating foam roller. Today, it’s one of the world's most powerful foam rollers. It can be set to three different strengths depending on which muscle group is to be massaged and how powerful you want the massage to be. The Vyper can be used for both warming up and recovery. It’s particularly good at increasing blood flow, which contributes to an improved chemical environment for the muscles by removing waste products.

Works at depth

The Hyperice Vyper is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and the power can be set to three different positions. Unlike traditional foam rollers without vibration, the Hyperice Vyper works at a much deeper level. It can access and activate the entire muscle, leading to a more complete massage. According to the manufacturer, it should be twice as effective as a regular foam roller! A big difference from regular foam rollers is that this one has a significantly higher noise level. The noise will be particularly noticeable if you use the foam roller against a hard surface such as a parquet floor or up against a wall. Massaging with the Vyper could therefore be a noise nuisance in a sensitive environment such as a block of flats, as the sound from the vibrations could travel through the floor.

Slim design

Unlike many other foam rollers, the design of the Vyper is noticeably slim. It has no studs and, in truth, it doesn’t need any. The strong vibrations more than compensate for their absence. However, a foam roller with large studs is better at penetrating particularly exposed trigger points on the muscle.

The Vyper massages over a larger area. The design makes the roller easy to clean, unlike models with slightly larger studs – especially where they’re placed very close to each other. It’s lightweight for carrying and even approved to take on board an aircraft.

What’s the battery life like?

According to the specifications, the powerful battery should last for over two hours per charge. It takes about four hours to fully charge it. Unfortunately, during our several-month evaluation period, the battery life deteriorated sharply to a maximum time of thirty minutes. This is probably because the battery cells are poor quality. If you can be bothered with the process, however, the Vyper has a one-year guarantee and we recommend that you use it if you experience the same deterioration.

Excellent massage with a fairly high price tag

The Hyperice Vyper is a foam roller for those who work out a lot and know that muscles need a lot of care. It comes with a steep price tag but compared to an expensive regular massage, a regular user quickly earns that money back. The massage the Vyper gives is fantastic and we highly recommend it for goal-oriented, active people.

4. Casall Foam Roll Small

Medium hard foam roller for the lower body

Surface: Smooth Length: 31 cm Diameter: 15 cm Weight: 260 g Hardness: Medium Material: EVA and polyethylene Colour: Black, black/orange, black/purple

Casall Foam Roll Small

The Casall Foam Roll Small is a small, light, compact foam roller with a low price. It’s medium hard, with a smooth surface, and is ideal for a beginner. The pattern on the foam roller is a grid, and it’s available in several colours. The material is easy to wipe clean and, in any case, dirt doesn’t really stick to it, for example if you roll it over a dirty gym floor. The Foam Roll Small appears to be more suitable for your legs than for your back. It has quite a large diameter, which makes it challenging to roll under your back if you’re lying down. Since the roller is so short, it’s not really suitable for accessing everywhere. Your calves, as well as the front and back of your thighs, get a very good massage. But when it comes to your buttocks or back, it doesn’t really work quite as well. This foam roller is therefore better suited for users who practice leg-focused cardio training, such as running and cycling. The foam roller is well suited for massaging sore leg muscles, after a run, for instance. It’s also a good choice if you do pilates or if you want to increase your flexibility.

As the name suggests, the Foam Roll Small is small, which in this context actually means short. So it’s very easy to stow away, or carry with you in a bag. As it’s better for legs than for the back, this foam roller is best suited for leg-focused beginners who want to start off easily and don’t want too much pressure on their muscles.

Low priceeasy to rollcompact
Shortnot ideal for back massage

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All about Foam roller

A foam roller is a piece of exercise equipment used to perform self-massage. This is done by putting your body weight on the foam roller and “mangling” your muscles. A foam roller thus works a bit like a rolling pin. In this way, muscles, connective tissue and ligaments are softened up. Foam rollers can also serve as a training tool for torso and balance training, or to warm up muscles before exercise. A foam roller can accelerate recovery after exercise and is also claimed to be able to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness.

Foam rollers consists of a cylinder, made of tightly packed foam material which doesn’t lose its shape. Foam rollers are normally either 30 or 60 cm long and different models vary in hardness. The surface can be either smooth or ribbed in different patterns.

Trigger rollers

A ribbed foam roller is often called a trigger roller. With a trigger roller, you can perform trigger point treatment, which involves softening stiff "knots” or trigger points in your body. Trigger point treatment can be extremely effective in softening particularly stiff areas, but it’s also more painful. For beginners, it may therefore be better to start with a flat foam roller and advance to a trigger roller after a little while. Using foam/trigger rollers should never be so painful that you’re unable to relax during your self-treatment.

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